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"Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Austen.

urban representatives exude a type of wealth and importance that is not to be found in the country (Austen 12). However, as the story progresses, the "ambassadors" of the city become gradually less ad ... time convinced that when Charles [Bingley] gets to town, he will be in no hurry to leave it again" (Austen 99). From this point forward, lost seems to be the word most connected with the city. When Mi ...

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A character list of the major characters in jane austen's "emma" (emma woodhouse, mr. woodhouse, george knightley, harriet smith), supported with quotes

enty-one years old and "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition" (Austen 1). One would expect her to be somewhat mature, because she has been the head of the househol ... regrets that her old governess Miss Taylor, "who had fallen little short of a mother in affection" (Austen 1), had married Mr. Weston, she does not show her sadness but "happy was she, for her father' ...

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Writers often use humour to make moral judgments. Compare/ contrast in Emma and Pride and Prejudice

Humour is an evident factor linking Emma and Pride and Prejudice. Austen's humour is subtle but often involves the harsh ridicule of her more comic characters that ar ... bsurd notions and behavior. Although this is often the case, there exists another type of humour in Austen's novels. This is provided with a much more gentle tone. For example, characters like Mr. Woo ... e in Emma, is never held up to ridicule harshly, like Lady de Burgh, who is, deservedly. The humour Austen uses, on many occasions, is to make moral judgments on those with social importance and meani ...

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In Jane Austen's "Emma", "Mr. Woodhouse is merely a figure of provoking gentle fun." Discuss the importance of his character in relation to the plot and structure of the novel.

real or lasting harm. Even Mr. John Knightley cannot stay annoyed at him for very long. Therefore, Austen provides the character of Mr. Woodhouse, not only as light-hearted comedy, but also to show a ... her father permits it, but because she too stands in the highest social structure in Highbury.Jane Austen also uses the character of Mr. Woodhouse for structural and comical purposes. He is the mere ...

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How Mr Darcy's Character Develops in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Austen uses devices and techniques to develop the characters in the book "Pride and Prejudice", a go ... as Mr Bingley acts like a foil towards Mr Darcy and puts Mr Darcy in a worse light. Another device Austen uses is that she has an omniscient narrator, this means that although the narrator knows a lo ... very snobby and only thinks of herself, whereas Mr Darcy doesn't care as much about his status.When Austen introduces Wickham to Lizzy, Wickham was described as being an almost perfect man. The narrat ...

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Using Chapter Nineteen in Pride and Prejudice, As A Starting Point Discuss How Jane Austen Uses Dramatic Incidents To Engage The Reader

Austen uses dramatic incidents within the novel to create a sense of tension and to make it more int ... dents within the novel to create a sense of tension and to make it more interesting for the reader. Austen tends to use dramatic incidences between two characters (such as Mr. Collins and Elizabeth) a ... tic incidents when the situation is slightly predictable, even though they are at unexpected times. Austen uses irony from the narrator and sometimes the characters so we can enjoy the situation.In ch ...

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Using Chapter thirty-three of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, as a starting point, discuss how important the relationship between Jane and Bingley is to the novel as a whole

Within the novel, Austen has used Jane and Mr. Bingley as the subplot to the book. Austen shows how Jane and Mr. Bingl ... how Mr. Darcy halted their marriage, without realising how well Lizzy knew Jane. This chapter gives Austen the opening for Mr. Darcy to explain himself and why he stopped the marriage of Mr. Bingley a ... s so cross because she feels like the readers that Mr. Bingley and Jane were a well matched couple, Austen made her character someone who the reader could relate with over this lost relationship. We s ...

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Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility: Austen's Use of the Arts to Support Characterization

Sense and Sensibility: Austen's Use of the Arts to Support CharacterizationThe society in which the Dashwood sisters, Elino ... onsidered to be of proper conduct, "It was a perfect match, for he was rich, and she was handsome" (Austen 38). Financial strength was not always an option for young girls looking for husbands, especi ... them ... by the observant eyes of Lucy, though she soon perceived them to be narrowly watching her"(Austen 226-227).In that scene Lucy is careful to notice the minor details of Elinor's behavior, such ...

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Mansfeild park by Jane Austen

ark. Mansfield Park is considered to be a 'sober novel'. It was published in three volumes. By then Austen had matured as a (1814) writer and was dealing with the ethnical constitution of the society ... o read and has taste in literature. She often quotes from Cowper who seems to be her favourite poet.Austen showcases the English society of 19th century, where times were changing. And Austen shows an ...

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Emma by Jane Austen and Clueless by Amy Heckerling, An Analysis

ry in England, and Beverly Hills America, are seen as the leader in popular culture in its time. In Austen's world, the French Revolution was beginning to question social hierarchy and the privileges ... t only the ridiculousness of Cher's world but Emma's also, by taking her parody a step further than Austen. Racial diversity and homosexuality are present, whereas in Emma there were references to the ...

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Analysis of narrative voice and dialogue in Pride and Prejudice, vol II, ch x

rrator confiding or 'telling' us about Elizabeth's unexpected encounters in the park with Mr Darcy. Austen's use of the 'telling' technique here is economical and saves the reader actually having to r ... rious business for the women of that era; they could little afford to turn down marriage proposals. Austen reveals through the character Elizabeth that it was commendable for women to certainly not ma ...

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A discussion on the development of Catherine Morland's character during her stay at Northanger Abbey . (Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen)

Austen introduces her heroine in a remarkable manner. The focus is on Catherine Morland's plainness ... ibility" (Ehrenpreis, 13). Her 'thin, awkward figure," "inattentiveness" and "occasional stupidity"(Austen, 7) provides great potential for improving. Catherine's maturation process starts when she st ... s hall not speak another word to you all the rest of the evening, so I charge you not to expect it (Austen, 61). Admittedly this is a very noble thing to do in order to pay attention to one's best fri ...

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An essay analysing the transformation of ideas and context from the original text Jane Austen's Emma to the appropriated text Amy Heckerlings Clueless to suit a modern day audience.

m Clueless, written and directed by Amy Heckerling, exemplifies how popular culture re-appropriates Austen's novels to serve updated agendas. As a novel of manners, Emma creates a space between compet ... ctations of their audience and do not act in accordance with their specific social environment.Jane Austen's novel Emma, written in the 19th Century and set in the township of Highbury, seems far remo ...

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Marriage: The Perfect Ending to Pride and Prejudice

fortune, must be in want of a wife' , this is Austen's way of telling us that the fact that a young man is wealthy, makes him the object of desire ... earn how to relate to one another.The theme of pride is built up in many different ways. One method Austen uses to emphasize Darcy's extreme pride is by surrounding him with characters with similar fa ... having Darcy and Elizabeth end the novel engaged in an ideal marriage is a significant detail. Jane Austen, in doing this is suggesting that society would be better if it followed Elizabeth and Darcy' ...

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A Body of Truth? John Wiltshire's Outlook on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

Although John Wiltshire's book Jane Austen and the Body is very well-written and in may ways fascinating, he falls short several times b ... thesis altogether. His very first paragraph in a sense contradicts his entire theme by saying,Jane Austen's novels, I will admit, seem among the least likely texts on which to found a discussion of t ... e "Sense, Sensibility, and the proofs of affection." The purpose of the introduction in Jane Austen and the Body is to begin looking at how the physical body is presented in Austen's novels and ...

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Transformation: Emma and Clueless "When you compared these texts and their contexts, how was your understanding of each text developed and reshaped?"

to a modern audience to capture the "zeitgeist" of the time. Clueless is a modern filmic replay of Austen's Emma built on the novel's narrative skeleton. Both are multilayered examinations of their s ... ing up of the prevalence of plastic surgery and the obsession with the external.)Heckerling mirrors Austen in her satirical voice, painting a portrait of wealth and privilege without political awarene ...

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"Emma" / "Clueless" Essay.

ards to depictions of the protagonist's development, class structure and social responsibility both Austen and Heckerling use techniques to effectively convey their views to the audience and reflect t ... 's development is morally focussed as feminine virtue and modesty was valued in the Regency period. Austen introduces Emma's faults through authorial comment - "[she had] the power of having rather to ...

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"In "Sense & Sensibility, Elinor represents sense and Marianne represents sensibility". Do you agree?

hat are embodied in the novel's two protagonists, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. In these characters Austen ostensibly contrasts practicality with sensitivity, restraint with impulsiveness and strait-l ... is not himself, yet, she refrains from obsessing and worrying, as Marianne would. This underscores Austen's view that Elinor is the voice of reason and sense. Following the heart wrenching discovery ...

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Marriage and Society - An essay that analyzes Jane Austen's intention while writing "Sense and Sensibility".

expensive dresses, but how do those materials actually relate to love? In "Sense and Sensibility", Austen creates a society that redefines marriage, and disconnects it from romantic love. In her nove ... influence, making relationships in marriage less important. By creating this obstacle in her novel, Austen makes her readers question the established definition of marriage, and encourages them to cre ...

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The ingredient of love

his custom and through the use of writing they were able to give their inputs. Authors such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Walter Scott used their novels to criticize the idea of marriage in Vi ... o create a happy marriage and to heighten the idea that marriage without love could never work.Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction earned her a place as one of the most ...

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