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Being Australian

Being Australian'Being Australian' is hard to discuss because I truly don't think that there is a correct ... is the country that gave them hope for a better life. Everyone has their own opinion on what 'Being Australian' is all about and this is mine.I personally am proud to be an Australian even though I wa ... that you're Asian, Greek, Bosnian etc but I think that deep down you know and are proud to say 'I'm Australian' because we live in a great country. If not, the best country in the world. When I go ove ...

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Is Australia losing its individuality?

We disagree with theaffirmative team's definition. We believe the topicshould be defined as We: Us Australians Losing:Suffering deprivation of Individuality: The sum ofqualities that characterize and ... resence in the world form. The second speaker willspeak about individuality in the daily life of an Australian,Living in a global media environment and the filmindustry. The third speaker will sum up ...

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Is Australia turning into an American State?

In a time of change and social upheaval, we, as Australians, must become conscious of the fact that we are not immune. We will change with the world ... ntries.Australia has attempted to industrialize as America had done, and it is for this reason that Australian are moving from their place in the bush into the cities, turning from Australians into Am ... ty living business man who bears no resemblance to the one time classic and proud Aussie.This proud Australian now exists as a memory. The man who stormed the trenches at Beersheba, battled on the bea ...

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Australian Dream: Oral

THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM"As an Australian citizenI affirm my loyalty to Australia and its peopleWhose democr ... do to make their quid? Not only those directly next door, but down the entire street. Referring to Australian citizens as the epitome of mateship is sounding more and more suspect every day. The orig ... t your throat for your Nike's.A survey conducted across middle class Australia showed that 50.7% of Australians believed that the quality of life in our country is rapidly declining. 54.3% are unhappy ...

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Anzac Square - The Nurse and Soldier

most central war memorial. The somewhat verdant site is designed to pay homage to the thousands of Australian soldiers who fought for our nation and the free world in war. Amongst the many plaques, t ... ar. Amongst the many plaques, trees and sandstone structures stands the distinctive sculpture of an Australian nurse tending to an injured soldier. The questions posed to the discussion leaders of wee ...

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The Castle

ea ourselves. We, however subscribe to these stereotypes when trying to find some expression of our Australian identity. The feature film The Castle deals with issues about Australian identity in the ... vident in the co-operation of the Kerrigan family and other neighbors who are also threatened. The 'Australian larrikin spirit', which some may see as positive, is portrayed by Darryl and Steve pullin ...

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Australian immigration policy and its relation to Asia

, for refugees and others with humanitarian needs (DIMIA, 2004). This essay will critically analyse Australian immigration policy and its relation to Asia.Before analysing Australians immigration poli ... as a refugee"(DIMIA, 2004). If they are successful, they are offered protection in that country.The Australian government initiated an immigration policy after the end of World War II. The new policy ...

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So you think of yourself as an Australian? You think we live in a country where everyone has a voice? Where inequality, oppression ... ith the abolition of ATSIC and no efforts being made to reassemble another organisation, indigenous Australians have once again been shoved to the bottom of national importance, and left without a voi ... d, they are twice as likely to be current smokers, and on every index fare far far worse than other Australians. Only 33% of aboriginal children complete their schooling compared to the national avera ...

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Economics essay - Golden Circle and business strategies.

chipke 11JGolden Circle1. Golden Circle is an unlisted public company that primarily belongs to the Australian fruit and vegetables industry. It's owned by around 700 farmer shareholders, most of whom ... fresher, faster processing, and therefore allowing more products to be made for the high demand of Australian consumers. The factory is situated in the outskirts of a major city, Brisbane city, so la ...

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I Am, You are, We are Australian

"I am Australian" was released in late 1980s by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton. It is a song that celebrate ... ises significant events and icons in Australia's culture, history and spirit and many reflects and 'Australian identity' within the iconography of the song, which in itself is an Australian icon. This ... h in itself is an Australian icon. This song was written very recently, thus contains many parts of Australian society which older poems and folk songs do not mention, such as women in society and abo ...

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Austarlia's current trading position

(D.F.A.T. 2003). The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature and importance of trade to the Australian economy. In particular, the scope of this paper will be confined to the benefits of trade ... international tradeThe importance that Australia places on trade can be attributed to the fact that Australians are not able to produce all the goods and services required by Australian consumers (DFA ...

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Essay on Rags and Riches articls, explring the aritocratic Australian Culture

RAGS AND RICHESIdentity is a very important part of being Australian; it is a feeling of being associated with a national group, defined by a common heritage, ... erritory and history. The article "Rags and Riches" written by Phil Brown addresses these issues of Australian identity. Both past and present views of popular culture are reinforced by a range of tex ... ts of nationhood by constructing a powerful representation of a very materialistic and aristocratic Australian culture. This essay will explore this in relation to the discourses of race, class and co ...

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Australia's Relationship with Britain and America During WW2

When the war first broke out in 1939 the Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies immediately sent Australian troops overseas to the middle e ... itself part of the British Empire. But then in 1942 Prime Minister Curtin made the decision to pull Australian troops out of the war and come back to Australia to fight against Japan. Because the Japa ... Australia to fight against Japan. Because the Japanese also brought the United States into the war Australians were forced to make alliance with the United states. The relationships between Britain a ...

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Bulimia: The expression of a larger problem.

ause this disorder.25% of individuals have admitted to knowing someone with bulimia (News poll, The Australian, 11/2/1998) but not all of these individuals knew the details of why that someone had bul ... compete in sports are linking performance to their weight, more and more. According to The Weekend Australian (April 1999) found that 17% of males diet. Though diets do not directly lead to an eating ...

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Australia honors 'ordinariness'

ordinariness is not highly honored. This said, 'ordinariness' in the sense of values common to most Australians is also highly valued in Australia. Morals such as democracy, peace, and tolerance of ot ... , and tolerance of others are traits that are held highly, and are endorsed as 'what it means to be Australian'. Hence it is only adherence to a set of unwritten rules that is honored in Australia, an ...

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Australian identity

Introduction:Australians have always been known for their laid back attitude, using terms such as "she'll be righ ... own for their laid back attitude, using terms such as "she'll be right", "pass us a beer" etc. Also Australians are perceived as having a strong and large physique, and finding any reason to avoid doi ... d doing anything that requires any effort, but this is not what I believe to be a typical or 'real' Australian. A typical Australian to me is many things, I do believe that he is laid back and is reso ...

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Australian Indigenous Studies

which permitted some countries to immigrate to Australia but not others.Kaplan (1996) describes the Australian situation thus:Both immigration policies and the policies relating to multiculturalism ha ... tralia had a white class, upper middle class, upper and lower class there is also a black class our Australian Aboriginals which where preferably be forgotten.As Stephenson (1997) notes: Becoming awar ...

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Analyse the effect of inequality on access to socially valued resources in ONE society.

areas as health, education, employment opportunities and political representation. Over the years, Australian society has been described by people as a "working man's paradise, 'the land of the fair ... ll less that those who live in wealthier areas and higher incomes and higher status jobs.Indigenous Australians are another group whose life opportunities are diminished through the inequality based u ...

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Effects of World War II

War 2 made a significant impact on Australia and its people. It opened the eyes of society and made Australian people realize where they fit into the global view of the world. Although much of the his ... the history of WW2 revolved around politics, diplomats, military and naval battles, it touched all Australian lives. Some of the important issues in World war Two were the woman's contribution in the ...

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Describe the controls on Australian civilian life imposed by the war time government.

The Australian war time government issued a number of controls upon Australian civilians throughout the ... he war-time period of WWII including: manpower controls, censorship, rationing and conscription.The Australian government during World War II had greater powers over money and manpower than any Austra ... ng people a fixed allowance of essential and non-essential goods. It was intended as a way in which Australians could contribute to the war effort through sacrifice of certain luxuries and foods. Rati ...

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