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Economic Inequalities. "Some people are equal but some are more equal than others," by using this quote by George Orwell, we can understand the inequalities in our society.

ps have tarnished the exploits of the serious and conservative elements of the ethnic group and the Australian government toward the 'Stolen Generation' and the aboriginal peoples.Some examples of ine ...

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What are the reasons for, and costs and benefits of microeconomic reform for Australia? Evaluate its effectiveness.

iciency of use and allocation of Australia's resources'. This suggests that MER is about making the Australian economy work better for Australia's own benefit. It requires us to improve the use and al ... ensure we get the best use out of them. Currently, MER is taking place in three major areas of the Australian economy: internationalizing the domestic economy, domestic reform measures and reform of ...

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Discussing the reasons on Nuclear testing in the pacific region by Britain, and France.

liferation of super weapons is now the most dangerous specter facing this planet." In the 1950s the Australian government had permitted the British to develop a nuclear weapons program in Australia. I ... se included, for example the crashing of aero planes with nuclear weapons on board, or according to Australian archive documents at Scotland's Dundee University, twenty-four Australian servicemen test ...

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Australian and U.S government had for the vietnam and first gulf wars.

Through both the Vietnam war and the Gulf war. The Australian government supported U.S. backed UN actions strengthening support for the argument that A ... be argued that the lack of significance of the trading relationship with Iraq made it easy for the Australian government to be so supportive. Prolonged trading barriers with the region would signific ... k to regional defense rather than relying on the United States. Soon after such an announcement the Australian government with drew troops from the Vietnam area. The withdrawal could illustrate Austra ...

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Australian Foreign Policy since World War Two.

The Australian/American Alliance has dominated Australian Foreign Policy since World War IIFrom discover ... ign Policy since World War IIFrom discovery and colonisation to appeasement and blatant dependence, Australian Foreign Policy, for the initial part of our nation's existence, has been wholly reliant o ... tain couldn't come to our defence when we were under threat and it became increasingly clear to the Australian Government and the Australian people that we had to look to new ways of ensuring our regi ...

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Foreign investment vs Local content

Foreign investment vs Local content:effects on growth indicatorAustralian business must strive to improve the production of goods and services in the local economy ... ely small price to pay, in comparison with the amount of the foreign companies will invest into the Australian economy.The options available to preserve local ownershipRecognizing that increased of ca ... ve local ownershipRecognizing that increased of capital and technology would benefit Australia, the Australian government should encourages investment by non-Australian companies that contributes to e ...

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Reserve Bank

tralia's holdings of gold and foreign exchange, which amount to around $A56 billion (30/06/00). The Australian Government receives all profits made by the Bank.The bank was originally known as The Com ... k conducts accounts for the Commonwealth Government and its agencies. It also conducts accounts for Australian financial institutions (exchange settlement accounts) and for central banks and similar o ...

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National Stategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia

(WCED) set up by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 1983 (Common, 1995).The Australian Government has defined Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) as using, conserving an ... e Commonwealth Government set about the task of identifying comprehensively and systematically what Australians need to do to ensure that our patterns of economic development are compatible with envir ...

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"Explain the nature of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War"

in conflicts with Iraq and terrorism. Australia's involvement created political turmoil within the Australian Government but in the final decision to assist America we won our reputation as Australia ... Australian heroes. Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War led to be a critical decision for all Australian's, politically, internally and internationally.At the public announcement of Australia's ...

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Australia's movement towards free trade

e Organisation and Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. One of the more unique features of the Australian economy has been their unilateral actions in reducing their own barriers across the board ... oard. While the benefits of these reductions are still an issue, the reform programs adopted by the Australian government resulted in many changes including structural changes and increased competitiv ...

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Inflation and effects on Australia

lation is the sustained increase in the general price level in an economy. Since the mid 1990's the Australian Government has placed high priority on controlling inflation due to the negative impact i ...

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Fiscal vs Monetary

objectives.- add quotesMonetary and fiscal policy the key macroeconomic policies, allow the Australian government to manipulate aggregate demand in order to achieve their economic objectives. ... . Both macro policies ensure international confidence in the economy, necessary for stabilising the Australian dollar and external balance. The government also aims for an equitable distribution of in ...

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East Timor Oil Crisis Synopsis

ess because of Australia's economic trade strength and political advantages for both countries. The Australian government and oil companies knew of the potential oil and gas reserves in the area, this ... ay, which is what it is doing. This has cause uproar within East Timor with much hatred towards the Australian government as The Australian government has announced that it predicts the matter will be ...

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How we cme about to having federation

to have inter-colonial sport competitions. Foreign countries would be more likely to listen to one Australian government; it would be easier for inter state and national trade. Australian labelled pr ...

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The impact of nuclear testing on the Australian environment

rly 1970's (the most notorious of these mines being Rum Jungle) has had a significant impact on the Australian environment and has caused long term damage to water systems, wildlife and plant life. In ... and plant life. In order to understand why Britain undertook nuclear tests in Australia and why the Australian government helped to fund uranium mining, one must understand the political climate of th ...

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Family Law Act 1975

ed a single non-fault ground of divorce, but also greatly expanded the scope of federal family law (Australian Government, 2003). It gave the then newly created Family Court of Australia wide powers t ... ters under other legislation such as the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) and the Child Support legislation (Australian Government, 2004). The jurisdiction and the administration of the Court has changed over ...

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Australia's treatment of Asylum seekers

nal and or international laws by the way it treats children of asylum seekers"1. What laws does the Australian Government contravene by the way it treats children of asylum seekers?The rights to seek ... ination Against Women (CEDAW) and The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), all of which the Australian Government have signed and agreed with the conventions. (Source 1) However only the commi ...

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Effects of the 2005 budget on economic activity, price stability, economic growth, full Employment and inflation.

future opportunities of young people, the future care of the aged, the future health services that Australians will need and demand, the security of the nation, and the future growth of the Australia ... conomy which is necessary to realize these goals.Peter Costello said the economic management of the Australian Government affects the lives of everyone because the lives of our citizen's matter, the d ...

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Timeline of privatision process(eg. on telstra)

the privatisation of Telstra. The Outline of the privatisation process is as follows.3rd April 1998Australian government plans Telephone Company sell off.27th May 1998How the rich prospered from Tels ... works face new impasse.Telstra demands deeper cuts.2nd September 1998Job cuts fuel giant profits in Australian telecommunications.11th November1998Australian telecommunication union profits from job d ...

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Aboriginal History: Reconciliation.

pean settlement, Aboriginal History has been a spiral of mistreatment and death. I believe that the Australian Government should say "sorry". This would cause a recognition of past injustices. The rea ... ould say "sorry". This would cause a recognition of past injustices. The reasons that I believe the Australian Government should say "sorry" is because of:1. Reserves.2. Missions.3. Royal Commission i ...

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