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Capital Punishment.

me. The purpose of this is to show the effects, both positive and negative of capital punishment on Australian society. Since, a much broader range of capital punishment was active in other countries, ... for the term of the criminal's natural life." ( - Australian Institute of Criminology). Whilst capital punishment was active in Australia, it was reco ...

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Paedophilia on the internet symposium.

is cured of this appalling mental perversion. Joining us tonight we have Dr. Adam Graycar, from the Australian Institute of Criminology, Ms. Kris Atkinson, spokesperson for the parent awareness group ...

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Prevelance of Domestic Violence in Australia

em, such as domestic violence programs. People in same sex relationships cannot be recognised under Australian Law as being victims of domestic violence, as they are not recognised under any governmen ... nce prevention, but those who are too scared to speak out are often isolated from such schemes. The Australian Institute of Criminology's release on Reporting Crime to the Police (Carcach, 1997) finds ...

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The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody - Includes Bibliography

have only been partially implemented. Today there are still difficulties arising within Indigenous Australian communities and prisons because the problem was not dealt with suitably in the past.***** ... esponse to a public outcry, particularly in the Indigenous community, over the number of Indigenous Australians dying while in prison or under police custody. It was established following an epidemic ...

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Hirschi's control theory in relation to car theft.

and contents. (A.I.C., 2004)The majority of motor vehicle theft occurs in community locations. The Australian Institute of Criminology or A.I.C. reports fifty four percent of car theft occurs when a ... our bonds he considers necessary to be an active member of conventional society.References:A.I.C.: "Australian Crime Facts & Figures", 2004. ...

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Crime from the marxist and functionalist prospective

s occurring through the prevention programs in government and non government organisations.REFERNCE:Australian Institute of Criminology (2004) Facts and FiguresBottomore, T. B. (1972) Sociology: A gui ... ) Sociology: A guide to problems and literature, page 339Holmes, D. Hughes K. and Julian, R. (2004) Australian SociologyHunt. H (1972) Sociology the third editionJureidini, R. and Poole, M (2003) 3rd ...

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Changing criminal behaviour

According to the 2004 Australian Institute of Criminology report, 18,237 victims of sexual assault applied to the police i ... amp; Johnson, 2004, p. 22). The statistics shows that the issues of sexual abuse stay acute for the Australian society.The present essay presents an integrative rehabilitation programme for the 49-yea ... 7-383). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.Chisholm, J. (2001).Economic Analysis of Crime Prevention: An Australian Perspective. In D. P. Farrington, L. W. Sherman, & B. C. Welsh (Eds.), Costs and Bene ...

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Gun Ownership Control

issue in Crime Justice No. 151: The licensing and registration status of firearms used in homicide. Australian Institute of Criminology.Wainwright, R., 2005, Gun laws fall short in war on crime, Sydney Morning Herald.

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Different Commentators Define 'Harm Reduction' And 'Harm Minimisation' In Different Ways.

, with reference to examples, describe the difference applications to the drug use arena.The aim of Australian drug policy since 1985 has been harm minimisation. Harm minimisation is the overall polic ... will unfold firstly by describing the three types of strategies responsible for harm minimisation. Australian drug statistics will be cited before the aim of harm minimisation and reduction is discus ...

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Should they death penalty be brought back into Australia?

ears when abolishing capital punishment was an increasing number of murders. This is evident in the Australian Institute of Criminology's article: "The argument for capital punishment usually hinges o ... lead to an increase in homicides and murders in Queensland. Table 4 (Potas and Walker: 1987) on the Australian Institute of Criminology article also shows the effects of the abolishment on conviction ...

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