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A Level Playing Field for All? The Law's Response to On and Off-the-ball Incidents at Football Matches

es what their liability actually is, and argues that it should be optimised more by the prosecution authorities, as footballers are getting 'too big for their boots.' The choice is simple: either the ... law principles applying to incidents between players on the sportsfield since 1878, the prosecuting authorities were unwilling to use them for a long period of time. They were, however, willing to pro ...

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What is piety?

way to his trial Socrates met a man named Euthyphro, a professional priest who is respected by the 'authorities' (those who want get rid of Socrates). Euthyphro is at the court house to prosecute his ...

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Good VS. Evil In "Huckleberry Finn" by Twain

s such that he is uncertain whether he should or should not turn this slave, named Jim, over to the authorities. Society tells him that he is aided a criminal, and that is against the law. However, he ...

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The Internet, any source of information right under your finger at the press of a button

the original idea for this great network of computers sprung forth from a question 'How could U.S. authorities successfully communicate after a nuclear war?' The answer came from the Rand Corporation ...

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Police Brutality

ddressed.I. Police BrutalityA. Racism as a causeII. Police Brutality is not a problemA. Quotes from authoritiesB. Statistics of Declining BrutalityIII. Stopping Police BrutalityA. Police Stopping them ... hose 1,100 officers.Adding to the belief that police brutality isn't a very big problem, most legal authorities and officials agree that the use of excessive force by police officers is going down. In ...

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Student Vs Administartion

ch incidents. This is much easier, in my opinion, than to deal with an entire class and would allow authorities to not worry about those troublesome few who earn the school it undeserved reputation.An ... ace of business.These solutions together would definitely help stop fights and other incidents that authorities are worried about. Totally barring off-campus privileges is unreasonable and necessary. ...

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Function of festivals in Early Modern Europe 1400-1800. Why the authorities, civil and ecclesiastical seek to control or suppress them?

'What were the functions of popular festivals, etc. in Early Modern Europe? And why did the authorities, civil and ecclesiastical seek to control or suppress them?'In Early Modern Europe festi ... tuals and symbols to legitimise their actions. Inhibitions against expressing hostility towards the authorities or individuals were weakened by the excitement of the festival and the consumption of la ...

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A paper on patriotism

ll do anything for our country, when we face adversity, we will overcome it, when we are ordered by authorities we will listen." That is what an American is.In the book Huckleberry Finn, Americanism w ...

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This essay discusses the assumption, made in the Crito, that "one should never do wrong in return" within the context of civil disobedience.

orate pointing out the weaknesses of society, while showing respect for the rest of society and its authorities.Civil disobedience is disobeying the unjust rules of society in a nonviolent way to crea ... hey do in fact have great respect for the rest of society and its laws. When met with resistance by authorities, they must submit and take whatever punishment is given to them. This proves their estee ...

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Parental Kidnapping

on takes the child and often conceals the child's whereabouts or otherwise keeps moving so that the authorities have difficulty returning the child to the rightful custodian."It also can be found in t ...

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Agri Tourism in Cyprus discusssed

ism in CyprusThe challenges facing the tourism industry in Cyprus have not gone unrecognised by the authorities. In mid-1980s, when it became evident that the development of tourism was becoming, in a ... onal crafts, as well as general business and service skills, were developed by the public education authorities in co-operation with the CTO.It was also recognised that the success of the agrotourism ...

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Child Abuse: Personal Response

pparent reason. She wasn't fed properly and was mentally underdeveloped due to this abuse. Once the authorities got her in their custody, they gave her extensive tests to observe the damage that was i ...

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Frank Serpico: An Honest Cop

it any longer. He started to act. He started to go to higher officials. He reported the accident to authorities. But that wasn't enough to change the NYPD system. After this, everyone hated him. He un ...

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Giles Corey as a martyr in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. Essay uses quotes from play to prove that Giles Corey held the role of a martyr.

his willingness to die for these causes. Giles Corey, a man of strong beliefs, refused to give the authorities the lie they demanded, therefore, he died a martyr.Unlike many of the people of Salem, G ... something was wrong, he refused to sit and passively accept the injustice, but instead notified the authorities and demanded a fair trial. When his wife was being wrongly accused of witchcraft, Giles ...

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"One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn - shows how various literary techniques are used to describe the development of Ivan's character.

a setting that is both invading and impersonal. As the paragraph develops Solzhenitsyn depicts the authorities as threatening. This distinctly portrays the forceful nature of the authorities and subj ...

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Terrorism and the most important precautions that people should take in case terrorist attacks were to occur in America.

eptember 11th, 2001. Since then, our country has been hit with additional threats, thus causing our authorities, the military and civilians to be on high alert. Taking precautions is very important, b ... eing hit with terrorist threats, and people need to be informed and prepared for a tragedy. Though, authorities and military are doing their best job to keep United States safe from attacks, nobody kn ...

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Rape...does the victim deserve it or not?

this end result. The problem of violence against women needs to be frankly and steadily handled by authorities in measures to protect women and their rights more.The perpetrator could be a mentally i ...

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Federal and unitary systems of government.

governments when a country's sovereignty lies solely with a central tier of government. Subnational authorities do exist alongside the centre and they may make their own individual policies, however t ... lower levels of the unitary system, however, only exist because they permitted to. The subnational authorities could be abolished almost immediately if the national government so demanded. Federal an ...

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Problems Associated with the Assessment of Risk.

Selected topic area: Road Safety. The problems of assessment of risk for authorities, and those undertaking and seeking a completely empirical measure of objective risk asso ...

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How does the film "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" explore rebellion?

plores some strange incidents which occur on the premises, the maintenance of power achieved by the authorities, and the acts of rebellion that inevitably follow. The most prominent authority is Nurse ... us doctors and specialists who make decisions on the conditions of the patients also hold power.The authorities use both physical and psychological methods of maintaining their power. Patients are for ...

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