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Streamline Design in America

recedented enhanced consumer power with fewer children to look after, increased mobility due to the automobile, and more free time in which to shop as a result of the introduction of labor-saving, dom ... olution to the problem of introducing beauty and style into a hitherto standardized utility object. Automobiles, domestic appliances such as the suction sweeper (vacuum), and even pencil sharpeners th ...

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ton TuckerPreston Tucker was a car-crazy kid who hung around auto speedwaysand grew up to create an automobile Tucker that was years ahead of itstime. He was a man of pioneering spirit, ingenuity, and ...

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Society and it's automobiles

Society and its AutomobilesWith everything that has changed over the century cloths, hairstyles, even music one thin ... era of the 90's. But little is know if these decades and why they are of so much importance for the automobile. And there is no better stating point then the 60's.No decade of the twentieth century ha ... the 60's began the idea of " We can do anything" was well into affect in American society. And the automobile was the primary example of that idea in action.AS the 60's started your basic Chevy had a ...

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Drinking & Driving

adder what your preference is, alcohol can be very dangerous when combined with the operation of an automobile. If you can remember only a few things from this report remember this: driving drunk is u ...

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DRUNK DRIVING LAWS. This essay is on laws dealing with DWI, DUI and consequences for being charged with these crimes.

alcohol and taking certain drugs affects your ability to safely operate dangerousequipment such as automobiles, motorboats and industrial equipment. In every state it isagainst the law to operate an ... blood alcohol level is greater than .10, you are presumed to be too intoxicated to safelyoperate an automobile. However, you can still be drunk even if your blood alcohol level isless than .10. Furthe ...

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The Inconvenience of Convenience

aurants and ten-minute oil changes to your odd-sounding, but time saving drive-through markets. The automobile itself hasbecome one of, if not the most used item of modern convenience, ( maybe besides ... themtransportation, you want to make them feel cared for.The biggest hassle created by the personal automobile, is thewading through piles and piles of cars who are doing the same exact thing you are: ...

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UPS, a job for you?

ns. The particular unions that represent freight and material moversare International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agriculture ImplementWorkers of America. Unions make sure that the workers ...

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The Automobiles History

ppened to the horse and buggy seemsalmost insignificant when compared to the far-reaching impact theautomobile has had on our country and world.In a word, it changed everything. Where we live. Where w ... endless list of other businesses have sprung up and flourished thanks solelyto the existence of the automobile.In terms of milestones 1996 provides a big one. It marks the 100thanniversary of the asse ...

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Consumer Debt

es, but without it most of us wouldprobably never be able to purchase necessities such as a home or automobile. The nation'seconomy depends on credit, the promise to pay later for goods and services u ... ortgages, a debt owed on real property, are the latest form of installment debt.Other forms include automobile loans and credit card purchases. Just pick up thenewspaper any time after Christmas and y ...

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Catalytic Converter

om a vehicles exhaust.The concept behind this is to add a catalyst and force a reaction between the automobile'sexhaust and oxygen in the converter. To see just how this happens let's look inside of a ...

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Muscle Growth

JobMuscle GrowthIntroductionWith the introduction of such modern conveniences such as the automobile, remote control, andeven the electric toothbrush people are relying on technology to d ...

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Privately Owned Gasoline Powered Vehicles Should be Limited

gh?February 25, 1995Social Studies 10HPrivately Owned Gasoline PoweredVehicles Should Be LimitedThe automobile has become a very important part of today's society. It is a necessity to own or to have ... bility, even for people who do not own a car. Unfortunately, the car has a very destructive nature. Automobiles make a major contribution to air and noise pollution, depletion of fossil fuels, and to ...

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changes in management this century

Henry FordThe Assembly LineMost people credit Henry Ford with inventing the automobile. The fact is he didn't -- such a complex machine is the result of a combination of techno ... become a nation of motorists.After two unsuccessful attempts to establish a company to manufacture automobiles, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 with Henry Ford as vice-president and c ... car from components made to order by other companies.Henry Ford realized his dream of producing an automobile that was reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient with the introduction of the Model T ...

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Comparison between J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn

The purpose of an automobile is to transport an individual to a desired place. The same holds true for a horse and car ... ison of Huck and Holden. Huck would represent the horse and carriage and Holden would represent the automobile. They both serve the same purpose (transportation), yet in different time periods. Huck a ...

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Boccioni, A response to the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture.

one object continues at the point another begins, and that everything surrounding our body (bottle, automobile, house, tree, street) intersects it and divides it into sections by forming an arabesque ...

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Fuel cell technology and automobiles.

Fuel Cell AutomobileIntroduction to Fuel Cell TechnologyFuel cell technology in cars is a new and upcoming tec ... ically water vapor.Many companies and agencies are diligently working on producing a fuel cellbased automobile for the future. Fuel cell technology has some benefits andconsequences, which will be obv ...

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This essay is on the 5 best inventions in economic growth.

r websites and considering from other sources, I have concluded that the telephone, printing press, automobile, airplane and the computer have contributed most to economic growth.First and foremost, t ... mong a society and harvest more educated people with more potential.Number three on the list is the automobile. This invention would enable people to traverse large distances in dramatically less time ...

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"Futuristic Automobiles".

There are about three million automobile-related injuries a year, 2 million permanent injuries, and 40,000 deaths in the United St ... limit postings will receive this chip. There will also be complementary microchips installed in all automobiles manufactured in the United States, or those imported into the United States. The name of ... ed limit sign will be modified to have the necessary safety mobile equipment installed. Also, every automobile, whether it is a car, truck, sport utility vehicle, or even a van, all will be required t ...

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The Clash of the Egos: A multi-author argumentative essay on Autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians.

clists vs. pedestrians each think they own the road. Have you ever been in an accident involving an automobile, bicycle, or pedestrian?The risk of getting into such an accident is higher in large citi ... ortion of the cyclists have very poor manners when it comes to sharing the road with others such as automobiles. There has been so many times where I have been cut off, yelled at and even given the mi ...

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This about the effect of the Ford Model-T car on the economy during the "Roaring Twenties".

e of ideas that helped win the war. A great invention that had a huge effect on the economy was the automobile.One of the invention that started to really pick up in sales was the automobile with comb ...

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