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What is Love?

n in trying to explicate it. In Scott Peck's book The Roadless Traveled there are a conglomerate of avenues that are explored within the topic of love. It is here that some insight is expressed to me ...

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Flat Fee vs. Pay-per-use

ts, people tend to follow more traditionalpaths of discovery, and seldom explore totally unexpected avenues.'Pay-per-use' environments discourage browsing. Imagine how a person'sreading habits would c ...

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This essay analyzes manipulation in verbal communication. It cites various studies done in the late 80's and 90's on the types of verbal deception.

competence and deceptiveness. The violation of quality was found to be the most deceptive.Two major avenues of study have risen in deception research. One looks at a persons ability to detect deceptiv ...

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Deforestation: An Overview of Global Programs and Agreements

nd policies regarding forests. This paper provides some background on four of the main multilateral avenues foraddressing deforestation and clarifies their roles and interrelationships. The organizati ...

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Using Financial Markets for Individual Savings

r not only an efficient way of allocating an individual's savings, but they provide one of the best avenues for a successful rate of return, and when invested wisely, offer a very secure future, espec ... ecurity for the future, we should focus only on the NYSE, Amex and NASDAQ, the three most prominent avenues of investing.Of course, it must be pointed out that even though we are discussing U.S. marke ...

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Consumer Culture: Describes how radio, advertising, automobiles, and movies effected the consumer culture of the 1920's

Since one's work could no longer ensure satisfaction or contentment, people began to look for other avenues of gratification outside the workplace. Industry, too, was experiencing the stress of changi ...

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To Kill a Mockingbird.

as a very evocative title, as killing a mockingbird is an injustice itself. But there are many more avenues in which the novel goes into the justice issues.I have been asked to discuss the justice iss ...

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My Most Unforgetable Experience

he way to Tamchi, a fertile garden village of wooden chocolate-box cottages and shady, poplar-lined avenues, my teacher said with his funny voice, ?Listen everybody! Now we are on the way to Issyk-Kul ...

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Communication situation analysis.

on Situation AnalysisThe rapid advancement of modern technology has empowered us with multitudes of avenues for effective delivery of our communications. The route we chose should be carefully analyze ... selor.ØProvide for all security in advanceØAfter overall and initial shock re-iterate avenues of resources. ( news of this magn ...

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This essay displays a clear depiction of art and its evolving from pre-historic times to recent times including citations.

complexity of life? Well, many would consider writing, acting, dancing, singing, or even drawing as avenues of expression. Some have developed their talents and used them to express themselves artisti ...

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"Futuristic Automobiles".

failure of individuals to obey speed restrictions. Numerous attempts have been made through various avenues to dissuade drivers from speeding. However, the predicament still persists. An innovative sy ...

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Is death penalty right or wrong?

t should have the right to take a life.I don't have any problems with the death penalty only if all avenues have been investigated and nothing is questionable. I believe in the concept of an eye for a ...

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Stress Mangement and the Adult Learner.

ur physical or mental being. This paper will detail stress by identifying the cause, prevention and avenues of alleviating tension. The capability to manage stress throughout the adult learning proces ... ficance, or emphasis placed upon an event that may occur in everyday life. There are many different avenues that may lead to stress. A job, family, school, and personal relationship may cause severe a ...

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Analysis of Yvor Winter's "To My Daughter, 1954"

for the best. "The metal glitters, deep and bright" may refer to all the temptations and different avenues she will encounter throughout her journey. The word "deep" refers to those that are more tha ...

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WWF case study

te by Turner. Turner and Bischoff were also able to use the vast amount and levels of entertainment avenues that Ted Turner owned and had control over. The WCW expanded their time slot and became aggr ...

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Discussion Paper: "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! A Complexity Science View of the Unexpected"

since surprises are a natural part of complex adaptive systems, they should be embraced as possible avenues of opportunity for creativity, learning and growth.Since we have yet to develop a foundation ...

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Outsource or Perish: Outsourcing in mainstream America

orld is to "outsource" production. The idea is simple: use cheaper labor for production and broaden avenues for sales. Many companies are going global, for example, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Fo ...

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State a moral problem in your Organization. From a theoretical perspective discuss and suggest a solution.

om those that occurred at the clinic during his consultations.Dr MX on the other hand worked in the Avenues clinic and some mysterious deaths occurred during his consultations at both Avenues and Vale ...

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Should the government break upp Microsoft?

ng system."2 Because of this innovative marketing decision by Microsoft, it essentially blocked all avenues and caused competitors to lose business. Such companies included IBM, Netscape / AOL, Oracle ...

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This is description of my visit to the Narmada Valley in India, it discusses the implications of sustainable development, appropriate technologu and small dams in this specific context.

ater than itself, and the feeling of being small in comparison is perhaps what has widened the many avenues I now see.Twelve days is a short time in a city. It is even shorter in the Narmada Valley. N ...

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