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Computer crime

in the computer industry over the last decade has made newtechnologies cheaper and simpler for the average person to own. As a result, computersplay an intricate part in our daily lives. The areas in ...

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My Zambezi Valley

My Zambezi Valley        If the average person was asked about the Zambezi Valley, how many would actually have anything to say? Fro ...

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Medival Medicine

common person had little care orsense for improving their own health. The life and livelihood of an average person wasless than desirable even from the time of birth.In the villages chronic inbreeding ...

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Women and Territory

uses visual stimuli such as graffiti to illustrate a marked territory. The unreadable words to the average person mean nothing. A rival gang member may ignore these symbols of territory and hence, pu ...

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"Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"

logic that he would get more sleep andtherefore feel healthier.If you were to sleep longer than the average person you might be able to thinkmore clearly which over time might improve ones physical an ... ng to become wealthier as a result of going to sleep earlier andwaking up earlier? I think that the average business person would become less wealthy asa result of going to bed and getting up early. I ...

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Computers, I don't like computers. So why can't I get a job? Personal essay

Gates said that microsoft's key role of Windows 95 was to make the operating system easier for the average person to operate. My grandma is a key example, she was born way before there was any PC's o ...

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How to buy a computer

e he wants to go, but a two-year-old computer may be completely inadequate for his needs. Also, the average person is not technically savvy enough to make an informed decision on the best processor to ...

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Acronyms, Idioms, and Slang, the Evolution of the English Language.

is only 1500 years old, it has evolvedat an incredible rate: so much so, that, at first glance, the average personin America today would find most Shakespearean literature confusing withoutthe aid of ... 's maxim.This piece, while cleverly phrased, has a wordiness to it that would rarelybe found in the average present-day essay. This is not because writers oftoday have smaller vocabularies than essayi ...

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The Case for Euthanasia, Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be Legalized?

eth century, major scientific and medical advances have greatly enhanced the life expectancy of the average person. However, there are many instances where doctors can preserve life artificially. In t ...

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Money, The root of all evil

could buy something a little bit nicer than they had before. Now those who have more money than the average person seem to want more also. If they get more, they can get better. The more they have the ...

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Marketing project

would basically sell itself. However, the shortcomings of this incredible technologyintimidates the average person. There has to be a liaison, an educator, a hand-holder,someone that is there, patient ...

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Brand Name Products

azines, the Internet, and outdoor signs. Advertising is so commonplace in the United States that an average person may encounter from 500 to 1,000 advertisements in a single day, according to some est ...

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Death of a Planet

pollutioncomes from cars. The Environmental Protection Agency says, 'The most polluting activity anaverage person does everyday is drive their car'(1 factsheet OMS-5). Most people probablyaren't awar ... government and car manufacturers have reduced car emissions a lot since 1970, The number ofmiles an average person travels in a day has doubled (4 factsheet OMS-4). The average personmust find a way t ...

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Technology is a constantly growing and ever-changing field. Old forms of mass media are merging with newer ones to create more efficient communication channels than ever previously thought possible.

cs" or "informatics".*What effects has Media Convergence had on our lifestyles?The lifestyle of the average person is constantly changing and adapting in order to incorporate various forms of converge ...

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Paul is a Pansy: the use of flower imagery in Paul's Case by Willa Cather

When the average person reads "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, they interpret a story about a depressed teenage ...

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A discussion of Martin Scorsese's films and the violent influence they have had on the American people

iolent. From a distance, it is argued that our culture is built on war and hate but in reality, the average person has probably never physically hit someone. Children sometime enjoy a good wrestle her ... robably never physically hit someone. Children sometime enjoy a good wrestle here and there but the average adult tends to avoid getting into a physical fight with another person. So why is it that so ...

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The demise of American Cities as an effect of Post-WWII affluence.

ass media, including both radio and the newfound glory of television, gave a new perspective to the average person. With much newly earned leisure time, this cultivated an aura of conformity, as most ...

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How psychology is influenced by the media, and the influences that the different types of media have.

r. Although this is the most accurate definition, it is not the most common. If you were to ask the average person what they think of when someone mentions psychology they would most likely say someth ...

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Independent thinking.

w your peers in to the deep hole of no return? Instead why not think for ourselves, and be an above average person?To me an independent thinker is one who could be a leader, not a follower. If it were ...

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The movie dead poet's societys neil vs. A separate peace's finny

a dream is just a part of the imagination, of course it would be ideal for it to come true, but the average person can see the difference from a dream to reality. The average person knows not to trust ... world around them, they understand how to adjust their dream to reality. Of course this is just the average person. The characters Finny and Neil are both dreamers and idealists and were therefore des ...

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