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n in the 1940's, Korea was controlled by Japan. World War II broke out, and the Allies defeated the Axis powers. The country of Korea was divided into two parts -- the north and the south. The north w ... ese colonization and others by the establishment of the 38th parallel border line. Korea was not an axis power. It is difficult to understand why Korea would have to be divided as was Germany.At first ...

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Turning Points in WWII

sh their new empire. Instead of scaring the U.S., the bombing unified a divided America against the Axis powers. FDR did not know whether or not he should ask congress to declare war before the bombin ... e the Japanese, Italians, and Germans would concede defeat. The U.S. declaration of war against the axis powers was only the first wave in the change of tides in the war.Another event that was a turni ...

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The Development of the Atomic Bomb and its Impact on WWII

its borders with the invasion of Manchuria. Germany and Japan, along with Italy formed the central axis powers. Through misnegotiation and appeasement Adolf Hitler was allowed to gain more and more p ...

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Triumphs and Tragedies of the International Monetary Fund & World Bank

st age of the human race, was about to end. The allies have landed in Normandy, and the fall of the Axis powers was inevitably near. Already, the economic visionaries and idealists have gathered at Br ...

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Famous People of World War II, Axis Forces, Isoroku Yamamoto, Tojo Hideki, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini

The Axis PowersWorld War II was started by the Axis Forces, which were comprised of Germany, Italy, and ... reme combined effort on the part of America, the USSR, and Britain, almost won. During the war, the Axis Powers were totalitarian states, controlled by their respective leader or leaders. These are th ... a militant party. The result of this was the war with China from 1937 to 1945 and adherence to the Axis Powers. At the end of the war Hirohito wanted peace and, in 1945, he unconditionally surrendere ...

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The Course of the Second World War

h the European and Pacific theatre that led to the success of the Allies and to the collapse of the Axis Powers.On September 1 1939 Hitler attacked Poland and two days later Britain and France declare ... cessful invasion of France, Hitler decided to attack Britain who was now fighting alone against the Axis Powers. Under Reichsmarshal Hermann Goring the German Luftwaffe attacked England from August 12 ...

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Switzerland during WW II

econd World War than it had in the first. After the fall of France in 1940 it was surrounded by the Axis powers. Nazi maps showed that the Third Reich would eventually include Switzerland, just as it ... eturns on capital.(LeBor) Switzerland conducted trade with the Allied countries as well as with the Axis powers. The Swiss National Bank kept gold accounts for and received gold not only from Nazi Ger ...

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World War II, the results of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

y things to help the allied powers and diminish the possible communist takeover being sought by the axis powers. The three communist leaders were Benitto Mussolini, dictator of Italy, Adolf Hitler, di ...

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The Pacific War...Just about anything that happened in the Pacific War and Why.

had agreed on a common strategy with Great Britain: Germany, the most powerful and dangerous of the Axis powers, must be defeated first. Only enough military resources would be devoted to the Pacific ...

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What caused WWII and a summary of the war.

h as the dictator Adolf Hitler from Germany, Benito Mussolini from Italy who joined together as the Axis power and then joined by Japan as the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis The treaty of Versailles stripped ... ated to when he came to power as he build a militia Due to economic problems in their countries the axis Powers seeks territorial expansion supporting Communism and fascism for their country. These co ...

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

an their diving runs. The single engine Avenger was a sturdy aircraft and had proven itself against Axis powers in previous years. The aviators believed themselves quite safe. Lieutenant Robert F. Cox ...

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Essay on the aftermath of world war II

The United States, a democracy, feared the USSR, which was communist. Even though they defeated the Axis powers working together, the United States and USSR had many disagreements. These disagreements ...

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Lessons that Spencer Morgan learned from the war: Reader response from "Soldier Boys" by Dean Hughes. describes 2 lessons spencer learned from WW2

th Airborne Infantry Division, and he was shipped off to Europe to join in on the fight against the Axis Powers. His unit soon joined in on the fierce battles, and sadly, Spencer was killed during a b ...

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World war 2

h the European and Pacific theatre that led to the success of the Allies and to the collapse of the Axis Powers.In the European theatre, America and its allies (Britain, France and Soviet Union) adopt ...

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WWI Propaganda

untries which made up the Central Powers join them or fight along side the other Americans with the Axis Powers? Wilson had to take action and find the best method for influencing the minds of all Ame ...

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When Should Have the US Declared War in WWII?

. I believe the United States did not do the right thing. They should have declared war against the Axis Powers a couple of months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.The army was not adequately prepare ... rush into Europe to assist the Allies.The geographic location of the United States compared to the Axis gives them some protection. Germany and Japan are unlikely to attack US on the lower 48 states. ...

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Pearl Harbor:Day of Infamy or Day of Deceit?

me as a surprise to the people, first as a shock, which soon turned to anger. By the 11th, when the Axis powers declared war on the U.S., the decision was almost unanimous to "defeat the dictators". M ...

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George S Patton

campaigns of world war II he empowered the cutting edge of American vengeance and power against the axis powers. He broke Hitler's legions with the head long élan of western cavalry men that he ...

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United Nations

ited Nations was born. During WWII, 26 nations joined their forces to continue fighting against the Axis Powers. The United Nations Charter was drawn up by representatives of 51 nations and signed on ...

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Romania: Their Contribution to the Holocaust.

re than all of Nazi Germany's other allies combined. Throughout the Holocaust, Romania supplied the Axis Powers with oil, grain and other products, with little monetary compensation. While each of the ... tate governmen. King Carol was forced to abdicate the throne, and Romania began to lean towards the Axis Powers.Once in power, the Iron Guard stiffened already harsh anti-Semitic legislation. Legislat ...

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