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Why should the U.S. remain a world leader in the science of high-energy physics?

We watch with wonder the images beamed back to Earth by the Mars Sojourner probe: wonder at the fact that we are seeing pictures of a new, ... are the building blocks of the universe; this is the world of high-energy physics.If we could send back pictures from this world, it would look far stranger than Mars. We would see particles arise ou ... ngness, fluttering into existence for a billionth of a billionth of a second, and then disappearing back into the void. We would see a world of amazing order and predictability, yet one whose fundamen ...

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Time travel, einstein, theory of relativity.

eriment in which we would send an rocket with a person in it at 99.99% the speed of light then come back to earth and told us the information he reordered, then maybe we'll know for sure.Now, accordin ... es hours to tie your shoe.Anyway, you continue on your journey. You slow down, stop, and accelerate back to Earth. You arrive home. You have aged two years during your flight. Two hundred years have p ...

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Satellite Networks.

155 Mbps (Buchsbaum). Wireless technology allows data to be sent out into space to a satellite and back to earth to provide connectivity among many different network clients. The network can be desig ... . FTP is not necessarily a real time application since the user can initiate a file download in the background and continue working on the network or locally in the foreground. The TCP window size set ...

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Acid rain, creative speech on the topic, "Why I should be elected", related to the acid rain problems in area. Could easily be changed to essay.

ecoming a major hazard.Gasses released from factories combine with the moisture and eventually fall back to earth, sometimes 1000 times more acidic than natural rain.This is causing significant proble ...

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Mars Rover

MERs are designed to seek out and examine rock specimens. After examining the specimens and sending back data to earth the MERs bring the smaller samples back to the orbiter cargo bay for the return t ... e smaller samples back to the orbiter cargo bay for the return trip to the Moon base and eventually back to Earth.The MOS has achieved a low orbit around Mars, and has launched the MEL to land on the ...

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Projectile Motion and Arrow Flight

ns. It is soaring across the clear blue sky as it begins to fall. Gaining speed now, it is coming back to earth. What will be its fate?An arrow is a good example of a projectile. A projectile i ... ver. However, with the affects of gravity and a downward vertical vector, the projectile will fall back to the earth. This would stop its motion. Gravity is the only force acting on a projectile. ...

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[ENGLISH]Science fiction Story PART 5

hew Parnt and Jessica Vovers.Our main mission was to work as a team to bring any type of life forms back to Earth and if there are any humans... to rescue them.I was piloting this mission and Charlie ... p behind me and put a warm hand on my shoulder."Is everything all right?""Yeah!" I replied, leaning back my head to look into her face. "So how'd you like my friend?" I teased.She blushed."Wow! Charli ...

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Blade Runner, An Analysis

out that four advanced replicants, the Nexus 6, have killed a shuttle crew, and commandeered a ship back to Earth. They want to go to Earth so they can meet their designers at the Tyrell Corporation a ... major aspect of this film is that it forces the viewer to become an engaged viewer, rather than sit back and watch a series of humongous, multi million dollar explosions with an easy plot. But don't g ...

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Watch Out for Moon Quakes!

NASA astronauts are going back to the moon and when they get there they may need quake-proof housing.That's the surprising con ... ir landing sites around the moon. The Apollo 12, 14, 15, and 16 instruments faithfully radioed data back to Earth until they were switched off in 1977.And what did they reveal?There are at least four ...

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A Weird Life - PART 3

a thousand daggers stabbing at my heart, but I never said anything or showed any tears."Erm...Liz, back to Earth...Liz!" said Rossie. I had drifted off, as I often do."Yeah, is there a problem?" I re ... whoever else to come," I said in a somewhat loud voice. Ben turned his head slightly, and then went back to work. I left the classroom with Peter, and went to biology classes. There, Michael and Rossi ...

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Mars rover beams spectacular images from crater!

dge of a massive jagged-edged crater, capturing spectacular high resolution images and beaming them back to earth, allowing scientists to chart a path into the depression. NASA hopes the rover's journ ... d at Mars in March of last year, but has only now begun to activate its instruments and send images back to Earth.The high-resolution pictures Opportunity captures from the surface and those taken fro ...

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Current Events

" My best work flew out the window, "Tom answered "I went to get it and I wasn't able to get back in and I was so scared. Please God I want to see my wife I will never be so careless and I will ... ll never be so careless and I will get my priorities straight I swear." "So if I let you go back to earth you will live a good life and put work last and family first." "Yes exactly I ...

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The Andromeda Strain

States government is performing secret tests in outer space with satellites. One satellite crashes back to earth before completing its orbit, only it did not return alone. The phenomenon caused a seq ... ups were at its worst. It seems that this concept is not completely new to today's society. Looking back at the history of the United States government, many conspiracies are revealed. Perhaps one of ...

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Conspericy Theory

edy proclaimed that it would be a U.S. national goal to put a man on the Moon, and bring him safely back to Earth by 1970. I believe that this statement combined with Russia's "Race for Space" p ...

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Outer Space

titudes above 80 km (50mi) is the height at which outer space is considered to begin-before falling back to earth. Are there other civilizations out there with greater knowledge then the human race? H ...

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