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Japan Developing Remote Control for Humans

your equilibrium, and makes your brain think that you need to move to either side in order to keep balance. NTT engineers say they were able to make a person walk in the shape of a large pretzel. A t ...

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Parkinson's Disease

mptoms are tremor or trembling in hands, arms, legs, jaw, face and postural instability or impaired balance and coordination. Its also causes your movement to slow down and stiffens in limbs and trunk ... vement, is particularly frustrating because it is unpredictable, and "Postural instability" or poor balance and coordination, causes patients to have a forward or backward lean and to fall easily. Par ...

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A two part biology assignment on diseases. Part A is discusses the history, causes, symptoms and treatment of Parkinson's disease. Part B is a proposal for counteracting a mad cow's disease epidemic

r name of the shaking palsy. Other primary symptoms include rigidity, bradykinesia (slow-movement), balance problems and impairment of posture and gait. Rigidity refers to a tightness or stiffness in ... ral arm swing is seen first, and only later do problems with slow, small steps and shuffling occur. Balance problems and Impairment of posture usually occur late in the course of typical PD, and are u ...

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