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Creative Story. An adaptation of Margaret Laurence's "Where my World Began". IT was an assignment for English class, we had to say where we began.

many ways it was like that. Open ranges stretching on and on, as far as the eye could see and then BAM, there it was, Calgary. That's what made it odd, it was as though God had pulled a drain plug in ...

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911 The Glass House

y kids. I always turn on Fox News in the morning to kind of see what is going on in the world and...BAM! It looked liked something out of a movie. It had to be some kind of special effect shot for a m ...

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Bart's The Odyssey. For a creative writing project. Created own version of the Oddysey dealing with baseball.

ll suburban neighborhood when suddenly some idiot at the power station turned the power back on and BAM, he was in the ICU for 6 weeks afterwards. The god of innings pitched, Nolan Ryan, was appearing ...

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This was an essay assigned by my history teacher to prepare us for the senior project. There is a works cited at the end

t, all the while, love and pain become one and the same, in the eyes of a wounded child."(Benatar). BAM! He kicks the door in, "Shut up! Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Later on, ...

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Female Connections.

tter, he is always the strongest, and lately, as seen on Emerald Live, his cooking is even better; "BAM!" talk about a blow to a woman's ego. Sometimes, because they are the more socially accepted sex ...

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Why Saturns Are Greaat

o no avail. It is just coming at you too fast there is no option. About the time you quit thinking, BAM! This is what happened to someone while she was driving down the road. The tractor-trailer tippe ...

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My Foot

to get in the field and I chased the ball and my friend went to pass it to me when all of a sudden; Bam! I kicked the ball, well not really I went to kick the ball but really kick some guys shin pad; ...

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just fly to be flying? Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to dunk the basketball. All through bam boosters, little league basketball, when we played on eight feet, I always tried to dunk it then ...

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Macbeth S wing! Cling! Bam! Ahhhh! The final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. Who will die? Who will live? Read on to fi ...

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