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Monetary Policies and Macroeconomic Impacts on Business Operations

d open market operations. Discount rate is the interest rate the Federal Reserve charges commercial banks that borrow from it. Often the Federal Reserve influences the federal funds rate which makes t ... funds rate which makes the discount rate change. Because the Feds set the discount rate, commercial banks do not borrow much from them. Required reserve ratio is the percentage of transactions deposit ...

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Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations

he tools used by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to control the money supply, the control of bank reserves, and interest rates and how these tools are used to influence the money supply and the ... l Money SupplyThe responsibility of the Federal Reserve was to fix the monetary policy by a central bank, in order to influence the cost of money and its availability. The Federal Reserve (Fed) uses t ...

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Accountability and Transparency of Government sector in Nepal

transparency leads to mistrust and dissatisfaction towards the organization and its services.World Bank ranks Nepal at 3 in the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) transparency, accoun ... vide rewards for the most efficient offices. There are various score card methods proposed by World Bank's PRAN program to evaluate effectiveness of government offices. These tools need to be applied ...

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