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Financial distress prediction using Z-Score

ductionAccording to Pate (2002), 257 public companies, with total assets of $256 billion, filed for bankruptcy in 2001. That this is the highest number of bankruptcy filings since 1980 is alarming. Fu ... filings in 1991 and 91 filings in 1992). Pate further estimates the likely number of public company bankruptcy filings in 2002 will be about 200, 22 percent below the 2001 level, but still well above ...

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six thinking hats

Six Hats:Blue:Generate ideas to encourage drives/ people to pay their parking finesExplore ideas for the council to reduce parking fines debtorsRed:Process might let citizen ... as might be too expensive for citizen to affordThe policies might be not that strict to citizensParking inspectors show their arrogance to people sometimesIt might be easy to get nasty 'surprise' from ... from someone is rude and do not like follow the legislationIt might be too hard for citizen to pay fines since the process systems are not that goodMaybe there are not enough car spacesMaybe there are ...

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