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Men Rule the World.

cation class when the males were picked for teams first. Also, when I was younger, we only had male basketball teams. In general terms, when have you ever heard of a woman rushing for more than 200 ya ... the Hall of Fame? Although we do hear about women in professional sports, such as hockey, golf, and basketball to name a few, they do not receive nearly as much media coverage as men's sports. Since m ...

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Basketball Position Significance

Basketball teams may have up to twenty some-odd players on a single team. Only five are allowed on t ... although, they can be similar in some ways, depending on a team's strategy. The five positions on a basketball team play an important, integral part; yet there are specific duties assigned to each pla ... t contradicts the technical name of the two positions. However, the shooting guard still shoots the basketball very well in all cases. The shooting guard usually has a higher shot percentage than a po ...

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Small Group: Group Formation

s, I have engaged in number of 'groups' such as youth groups, orchestra, art groups, volleyball and basketball teams and I have a wide network of acquaintances and friends, whereas in contrast my sist ...

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Bobby Knight

e Bobby Knight Story By: Jeff Weber Bobby Knight ranks among the most successful coaches in college basketball history. He was born in 1940 through the present. He became known for his ability to teac ... d motivate his players as well as for his controversial outbursts of temper. Knight had become head basketball coach at Indiana University in 1971. Knight was the coach at Indiana University from 1971 ...

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The Man: The Story of John Wooden

Ten NCAA basketball national championships in 12 years, 885 NCAA victories, two consecutive undefeated basket ... ne incredible coach. Think that that is impossible? Well think again, because John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach from 1948-1975, accomplished all of these things and more in his tenure as head coa ... to learn, while passing along what he knew to those willing to listen. John Wooden was the greatest basketball coach to ever live; his ability to motivate his players through personal pride and having ...

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The Learning tree:Reflecting upom Cherokee Flats

ike, son. For instance, I feel badly about the school board's keeping you boys off our football and basketball teams . . . but we are powerless' Mr. hall said" (Parks 140). As we see the younger peopl ...

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