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The Basques

The Basque people can be found throughout the world with one of the major areas that of the Spain and So ... ne of the major areas that of the Spain and Southern France. The focus of this paper will be on the Basque people of North Western Spain and South Western France. This area is known as País Vas ... n Spain and South Western France. This area is known as País Vasco in Spanish and Euskadi in Basque. It is a small region that is about the size of Rhode Island that is straddled between the At ...

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The Basque People and Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

The actions of the Basque terrorist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna have been the cause of great unrest in Spain for severa ... lved in hundreds of acts of bombings, assassinations, and kidnappings in the name of an independent Basque country out of provinces in Spain and France. Having been operated in nearly 200 different ce ... n. In its long and violent history, ETA has left a legacy of murderous violence.The conflict in the Basque-dominated areas of Spain and France has a long and troublesome history. For as long as 75 BCE ...

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Account for Spanish Civil War

n the nineteenth century when there was an industrial revolution in areas such as Catalonia and the Basque Country. These areas were going to have a significant impact on the subsequent outbreak of ci ... alth. Evidently the south was poor while Barcelona had a thriving textile industry and the northern Basque region had a strong iron and steel industry. In my view all these problems pushed Spain from ...

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Counter Terrorism Implications Involving an International Terror Organization

is deeply rooted in a culture yet crosses international boundaries.First of all, for centuries, the Basque region in Europe, including portions of France and Spain, has had its own identity to include ... that and in turn created a climate for nationalists to turn into international terrorists. Will the Basque region be subject to the growth of internationalism in Europe? Or will the seeds of democracy ...

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Self-Determination for National Minorities

lves have had problems with a group known as the ETA, who fights to gain self-determination for the Basque people in north-western Spain. In this essay, the Aboriginals and Quebecers of Canada and the ... 's necessary to obtain their objectives or goals. Euskadi Ta Azkatasuna, ETA, whose name stands for Basque Homeland and Freedom, first emerged in the 1960s as a student resistance movement bitterly op ...

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Irish Culture

important role of religion in the case of Northern Ireland or the important role of language in the Basque Country as primordial factors, form a substantial difference. But on the other hand, there ar ... nsformation-process in Northern Ireland has already been successful, the conflict management in the Basque Country has failed to create a conflict transformation-process similar to the one in Northern ...

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the opportunity to increase their domestic demand because they have 4 branches that are located in Basque Country, Barcelona, Burgos and Madrid and also has the facilities to export inside of Europe ...

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