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"The Season Opener" this is a creative writing that uses the five senses to express the first game of the softball season.

practicing a feeling of achievement flowed through me as we arrived at the location of our upcoming battle. This battle was like no other for us nine girls. The fierce competition that lay ahead would ... tle was like no other for us nine girls. The fierce competition that lay ahead would be fought with bats, balls, and gloves unlike others that were fought with spears, swords, and guns. While we waite ...

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Bats and their camoflauge, as well as common bat myths.

Bats: A world of camoflaugeNOSE: The sense of smell is well developed in most bats. It is used to fi ... It is used to find and identify certain foods and to recognize roost mates and young. Fruit eating bats can find their food by the smell of the ripening fruit. Nectar seeking bats gather pollen on th ... bats gather pollen on their snout, and by going from flower to flower help create new plants.EYES: Bats are not blind! For example, flying fox bats have very good eyesight and they use their eyes alo ...

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A Report on Bats.

A Report on BatsINTRODUCTIONThere is an abundant amount of animal species in theworld. They all have adapted and ... have grown fins, others legs, andstill others wings. One of the animals that has grown wingsis the bat. The bat is a truly great creature. It has allthe characteristics of mammals while also possessi ... cs of mammals while also possessing theskill of a bird in flight.There are more than 800 species of bats in theworld. They are of many different sizes, shapes, andlifestyles. They live all over the wo ...

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This is a summary of an article by the american journal of psychotherapy about children with obsessive compulsive disorder. APA Format.

ts and siblings. This study was done to investigate the sensitivity of a Behavioral Avoidance Test (BAT), conducted in a home environment, in assessing treatment - outcome effects for children and ado ... 2 in a waiting list. These children would be tested for sensitivity of a behavioral avoidance test (BAT). The independent variables for this experiment would be the two groups of children which were t ...

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An Essay looking at Perception

estioning the origin of this knowledge, "seeing is believing" this phrase undermines perception.The bat's perception of the world is almost solely based on sound. Its perception is centred on ultrason ... believe them to be real, it is exactly the same with what the world is today, and is the same with bats perception of the world, its limited senses mean that is might be seeing things differently but ...

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A Perfect Swing

How to Swing a Bat Correctly Does a correct swing make your timing on the ball better? Is the ball hit harder, and ... ou're cocked and ready to go. You want your follow through natural, smooth, and unanticipated. Your bat speed will be determined on how strong and quick you are. The stronger you are the harder you wi ... r wrists. A hard snap adds to the strength, quickness, and timing in anyone's swing. Last, when the bat makes contact with the ball you want your chin on your back shoulder, and your eye on the ball u ...

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Making the Catch

In the bottom of the seventh inning, as the score is tied with two outs, you hear the bat meet the ball with a crackling sound. Sending the ball flying through the night air, deep into t ... r out or a game costing error.As you stand with your hands on your knees, watching the swing of the batter before you, you try to calculate which way the ball will be directed on a hit by the timing o ... te which way the ball will be directed on a hit by the timing of the swing and body position of the batter. Once you've made the proper adjustments, it's time to get mentally focused.Many things race ...

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