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Writing on two historic events using Bill Bryson's book "Down Under"

e been founded by the English and the Australia of today would be far different than what it is.THE BATAVIAIn Bill Bryson's book "Down Under", Bill Bryson starts to explain the story of the Batavia. T ... . The Batavia was a Dutch ship traveling on its way to the East Indies. The captain and crew of the Batavia where trying to find the quickest way to sail to the planned destination. The captain and hi ...

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The Vergulde Draeck

of 193 were able to make it to shore. Seven of the crew were immediately sent to seek assistance in Batavia, while the captain of the vessel, Albertsz and the rest of his crew remained behind. Forty-o ... days later, with the news of the wrecked ship, the ships Goede Hoop and the fluit Witte Valke left Batavia to search for survivors. Several other searches took place in that year, but all failed to f ...

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le things were going on in Terra Australis, the Great Southland. The Dutch East India flagship, the Batavia sank off the coast of Western Australia in 1629 and Jeronimus Cornelisz, a deranged psychopa ... l-time low, but it was only to get worse. On 27 February 1628, eight months before he sailed on the Batavia, Jeronimus Cornelisz buried his infant son in the church of St Anna, Haarlem.This was a deva ...

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The Batavia shipwreck

Strange Objects by Gary Crew1)Where did the Batavia come from?The Batavia came from the Dutch India Company, built in 1628 in Amsterdam, Holland ... erdam, Holland. Made for cargo, and 1 of a kind, with 24 cast iron cannons.2)Where was it going?The Batavia was going to the Dutch East Indies to pick spices up and drop them off back at Amsterdam.3)W ... spices up and drop them off back at Amsterdam.3)What was it doing in Western Australian waters?The Batavia was in Western Australian waters because Jacobsz deliberately steered the ship off course aw ...

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The History of Beriberi

In 1886, after microbes were found to cause disease, the Dutch East India Company sent a team to Batavia to find the cause of a mysterious illness. The team tried everything; blood, saliva, and uri ... the chickens at the station came down with symptoms closely related to the symptoms suffered by the Batavian natives. The chickens were sick for several months, several even died, then the rest recove ...

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