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What an electro magnet is and how it works

you can use any core you choose to. Now heres some background information for you.If you look at a battery it has two sides. One terminal is marked positive and the other is negative. In an AA, C or ... ive and the other is negative. In an AA, C or D cell (normal flashlight batteries), the ends of the battery are the terminals. In a large car battery, there are two heavy lead posts that are the termi ...

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Battery Experiment - Differences in power intake and usage of higher and lower quality and priced battery's.

Science Experiment - Battery LifeAim: To find out and collect data on the power life of 2 different branded batteries.Equ ... ct data on the power life of 2 different branded batteries.Equipment:- Multi-meter- BatteryCare battery- Alkaline(Sanyo) battery- Spare Wire- Sticky tape- ... rst take readings of the 2 different batteries power levels using a multi-meter.2. Attach 1 battery up to the 1.3volt electric motor using some of the spare.3. Use sticky tape to ensur ...

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What's better; gas powered cars or battery-powered cars?

advanced enough to use in a efficient car.Basically an electric car has a rechargeable lithium ion battery (a battery that can move lithium back and fourth through positive and negative electrode mat ... attery that can move lithium back and fourth through positive and negative electrode materials in a battery making it rechargeable) that you would just have to plug it into a practical electrical outl ...

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Case study: Dell

y and his team entertained? Which option should Holliday choose and why?1. Continue with the proven battery technology, nickel metal hydride (NiHi).2. Go with the new but riskier technology (LiOn) und ... riskier technology (LiOn) under development at Sony, which is expected to have significantly longer battery life.3. Defer commitment to either battery technology until the qualification phase review,E ...

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Compare the use of a dry cell battery with button cell battery in terms of the chemistry, cost and practicality, impact on society and environment.

The dry cell or Leclanche cell was the first commercial battery and therefore had a big impact on society. It is the most common and the cheapest of the com ... cheapest of the commercially available cell and is most widely used in torches, portable radios and battery-operated clocks. It is best used for low drain appliances, which need only small currents su ... so used in portable items but has allowed the use of miniature and light electrical appliances such battery-powered watches, hearing aids and scientific equipment (calculators).It is contained in a st ...

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Charging car batteries

Charging Batteries A person can usually tell that their car battery is dead when they go to turn on their car and nothing happens. There is usually no sound and ... ey go to turn on their car and nothing happens. There is usually no sound and no engine turnover. A battery may go dead if you keep your headlights on or play the radio for a long time while the engin ... u keep your headlights on or play the radio for a long time while the engine is not running. An old battery might not even start up if it is really cold out. If the battery is dead, then you can't sta ...

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Nickel metal hydrive battery for electric vehical

n when operating. They can run in a long period of time. Economically, because these vehicles using battery, they reduce the oil import and the imbalance trading in the US and also the users save a lo ... so the users save a lot of money. The cells used for these vehicles are called Nickel metal hydride battery which are very high power, long life, quick charge and easy to maintain.CELL REACTION The Ni ...

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Batteries Name a few batteries in the market and describe their uses,durability, shelf life etc

mal electricity. It was used mostly for telegraphy, signaling and electric bell work. A carbon-zinc battery cannot be recharged efficiently, quite heavy and also prone to breakage, however when used t ... nd they are a type of power cell dependent on the reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. This battery also produces 1.5 volts per cell, but they provide more energy and has a longer shelf life t ...

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Marketing Plan Outline.

ight My CollegeThe product that most deserves to be introduced into the market is the self charging battery. There have been several variations or attempts on producing such a device, but none have qu ... umers. The setbacks have been price, desire and practicality. Many people will not pay $20.00 for a battery to stick into a five dollar product. Rechargeable batteries have had a little more success, ...

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Science Report - Batteries

y batteries Super Heavy Duty) batteries in a fridge or refrigerator will last longer than a regular battery would. This experiment was suggested by my Aunt mainly because she heard a myth about longer ... zing the batteries. This experiment was done by using 2 batteries and by using a torch to drain the battery life. The entire experiment took approximately 9 weeks.Aim:The aim of this experiment is to ...

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