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Should genetic engineering be banned?

1) and, in many cases, there is 'no way of knowing which food has genetically altered ingredients' (BBC News Online, March 18th)Supporters of GE argue that 'Genetic know-how might provide the means to ... dy cell from a six-year old adult sheep', and on April 23, 1998 Dolly herself gave birth to a lamb (BBC News, April 23, 1998).The main practical results that are expected to result from such experimen ...

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Black and minority groups in the media.

he perception that things have really changed on both television and the big screen is reflected in BBC News Online's recently commissioned survey on race. The poll suggests that 78% of people think t ...

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Police and criminal evidence Act 1984 and the public's growing mistrust.

on, have throughout affected the way in which the case has been dealt with and perused."In the 2002 BBC News Online's survey on race examined the experience of the police among different groups. Appro ...

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Maggot medicine gains popularity

hing the efficacy of maggot therapy.Works CitiedKenyon Georgina. "Maggot medicine gains popularity" BBC News Online, April 6 2002, 23:01 GMT 00:01 UK

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Smoking in the UK - A brief study on the UK Government's current plans to get smokers to quit

ms that governments are considering other ways to get them to quit. Described as 'wealth damage' by BBC News Online, it could have quite serious effects.Consider the newspapers' traditional example of ...

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Title: Analysis of the Role of Media in Society Considering the Idea of the Public Sphere.

They just "convince people [one party] can serve them better than the present discredited [party]" (BBC News Online, 2003). Thus, governments and political parties always have to influence media for s ... a at the end of 2003 that the newspapers "must be financially independent from central government" (BBC News Online, 2003). This means that Chinese media will have more freedom and more programs expre ...

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News Media - The Essence of A News Organisation

sh"h Want to interact with those making the news, to have their say on events: eg: in the last year BBC News Online have held online interviews with NATO spokespeople and the Dalai Lama. These complim ... h NATO spokespeople and the Dalai Lama. These compliment the live phone ins on World Service radio. BBC News have also offered viewers the opportunity to comment on current affairs programmes."h Libra ...

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Obesity in Hong Kong

e CQ Research Online 9.2 (1999). 1 February 2004. .McGivering, Jill. "Health: Hong Kong fat fears." BBC News Online. 1 February 2004. .Chow, Chee-may. "Fat kids alarm sounding in H.K.". Japan Today. 1 ...

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Press Release: InstraTravels

and will share their personal viewpoints on this amazing device. In addition, Dr. David Whitehouse, BBC News Online science editor, will share his 30-year extensive research on teleportal transportati ... /news/2004/08/0818_040818_teleportation.htmlWhitehouse, D. (2002) Australian teleport breakthrough. BBC News Online. BBC News Science/Nature. Retrieved online July 8, 2006 from ...

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The International Labour Organisation (ILO) origins and functions

s Roeselaers, director of the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour told BBC News Online that Child labour prevents development. "It gives enormous, almost astronomical retu ... adslien, ILO: 'Child labour prevents development', online, retrieved 30 March 2009, from and Objectives, online retrieved 31 March 2009, fromhttp ...

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Role of Media

a at the end of 2003 that the newspapers "must be financially independent from central government" (BBC News Online, 2003, ref 3). This means that Chinese media will have more freedom and more program ... in private ownership as opposed to public. Public broadcasting channels like the ABC in America and BBC in the United Kingdom have lost audience support and market share due to the dominant influence ...

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