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Child Soldiers: An Expos

"About Child Soldiers." Amnesty International USA. 2009. Amnesty International USA. 30 Apr. 2009 .Beah, Ishmael. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2007 ... eme physical trauma. A survivor of the Sierra Leonean civil war and a former child soldier, Ishmael Beah recounts the death of his seven year old friend, explaining how a rocket propelled grenade thre ...

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Lord of the Flies

oth the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding and in the memoir, A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah, war's capacity to produce barbaric and vicious behaviors in children is one of the many destru ... esort to unimaginable brutalities against his fellow man.In the memoir, A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah, Beah uses the literary element of point of view to engross his reader into Beah's horrific exp ...

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