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The Effect of Concentrations of Starch and Sugar Solutions on Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes

t the dialysis and into the water. So the dialysis is semi-permeable.Materials:16 cm dialysis tubingbeakercylindertest tubestransfer pipettesGatoradeStarch solution 10 g/1000 ml waterBenedict¹s S ... 0.7 g/10 mlGroup 5 0.2 M 0.7 g/10 mlNB: Tare the balance.Tare the balance with a test tube inside a beaker.Add the amount to the tube.Vortex, gradually turning the speed up.Heat in a water bath.Cool t ...

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Disappearing X Experiment. Coursework about sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. Method, Results, Fair Testing, Evaluation included. Was marked with a passing grade.

ects the speed of the reaction.Apparatus1 small measuring cylinder1 large measuring cylinder1 small beaker1 large beakerHydrochloric AcidSodium ThiosulphateCross drawn on paperConical flaskWaterStopcl ... reasing the concentration of the acid by 5cm3 each time. We did this by measuring out the acid in a beaker and pouring it into a measuring cylinder along with the water as well. We then added the cont ...

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Enzymes - Lactose-Free milk

he concentration of the glucose produced after the milk has been poured through the column into the beaker containing the lactose-free milk. However, I am not sure whether there will be a higher conce ... d lactase enzymes, the lactose sugar is split. This results in the milk leaving the column into the beaker containing easy-to-digest glucose and galactose, but no lactose.The summary of the reaction t ...

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Action of Amylase in the Small Intestine-experiment-lab report

arch solution is broken down in the visking tube by the amylase and then passed through it into the beaker where we can test it for glucose.Hypothesis: I think that Glucose shall be present in the sol ... ose shall be present in the solution outside the Visking tube after 15 minutes has passed.Apparatus:BeakerLab coatsGogglesHeat plateTongsSyringeStarch SolutionBenedict SolutionWaterTest tubesStringVis ...

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Itsa sceince lab

th of different objects.Materials:Balance, 100ml graduated cylinder, medicine dropper, plastic box, beaker, metric ruler.Procedure:The graduated cylinder was weighed. The weight was recorded under obs ...

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This investigation discusses Eggs' Mass in Different Solutions.

will undergo cytolosis.Egg 4 in 150 mL of fountain water will undergo plasmolysis.Materials8 200 mL beakers2 trays600 mL vinegar (acetic acid)9 g salt (sodium chloride)1, 150 mL distilled water150 mL ... fountain water (city water)ProcedureGather all materials. Place each of the four eggs in a separate beaker filled with 150 milliliters of vinegar (acetic acid). Allow to set for two to three days unti ...

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Investigation of the effect of the mass of Zinc, on the temperature change of a Copper Sulphate solution

for precise accuracy, and then pour the solution into test tube. I will place the test tube into a beaker and insulate the test tube, for minimum heat loss. (As shown in the diagram above.)2.Secondly ... could think of improvements, for a better plan:*I could use a funnel to pour Zn and CuSO4 into the beaker to minimise loss of reactants*I could time the reaction so all experiments have an equal time ...

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Title: Separation by Filtration and Crystallisation. The first year 11 Chem prac write up... the structure is at least correct... :p

ances by the properties of filtering and crystallisation.Apparatus and Chemicals: - balance.- 100mL-beaker (2).- Filter funnel stand and filter funnel.- Bunsen, Tripod and gauze mat.- Watch glass.- Gl ... ter funnel stand and filter funnel.- Bunsen, Tripod and gauze mat.- Watch glass.- Glass rod.- 100mL Beaker (2)- 25mL graduated cylinder.- Filter paper- Boiling Chips- Matches- NaCl/C mixture (sodium c ...

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The Effect Of Substrate on Enzyme concentration

ble to wash hands or affected body part immediately. Be careful as it burns."h If breakage of tubes/beaker occurs, clean up immediately."h In order not to confuse test tubes containing water and hydro ... icated by arrow)"h Metal retort stand (x1)"h Electronic timer (recording to 1 sec intervals) (x1)"h Beaker (500 cm3) (x1)"h Micro test tube to fit into side-arm boiling tube"h Large side-arm boiling t ...

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Identifying bond type with physical properties

racktest tube holderconductivity apparatusDI waterstir rodsscapulaswell plateBunsen burnerdilute HClBeakerplastic wash bottlemarking pen7 unknown substanceconductivity meterProcedure: Step #1) Mark al ... ve and see if the substance melt. Record your observation.Step #8) Poor some deionized water into a beaker then place the substance into the beaker as well. If the substance melted from the previous s ...

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How to balance a chemical equation, shown in an experiment, by Mathias Zollbrecht

no gas comes out. Then we took the cylinder and filled it up with water and put it upside down in a beaker full of water. There should be no gas in the cylinder! Now we shaked the glass with the two s ...

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Permeable membranes lab /iodine and vegetable oil

nd if it will react with the starch in the Ziploc bag.Procedure1. Pour 25 mL of iodine into beaker2. Fill about 1/3 of the test tube with Starch solution and place in beaker (DON'T POU ... Pour 25 mL of starch solution into snack size Ziploc bag4. Seal Ziploc bag, and place in beaker5. Wait 24 hours and then record resultsResultsThe results of this experiment are that ...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

or the same time for each one, also it will be left in the water for the same time after.Equipment:-BeakerThermometerHeat proof matTripodBunsen BurnerCork Borer10 Beetroot cylindersForceps10 test tube ... o to improve the reliability of the test I will repeat the results.Method- Heat 200ml of water in a beaker- Whilst water is heating, place 10cm3 of water into each of ten test tubes. Label 85-45 and p ...

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In this chemistry experiment are objective was to separate the following materials depending on their physical properties. The materials are as follow; sand, salt, lead and iron.

ollowing materials to separate each after they had been mixed together. The materials were; 2 water beakers, a magnate, a aluminum screen, a long pointed spatula, and a cylinder filter. After separati ... sand, salt, and iron were much smaller than the lead bebes, so they fell into the other empty water beaker after passing through the aluminum screen. Then their was a mixture of sand, salt and iron in ...

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Agar Cubes

mething the more it will be able to absorb.After this I found my materials and they were: bleach, a beaker, 3 agar cubes, and plastic ware. Then I placed bleach inside a beaker and then added the thre ... east. The controlled variables in this experiment were the amount of cubes, bleach, and size of the beaker because they were never changed. In conclusion my hypothesis was correct, but there was sligh ...

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Reaction between HCl and Marble Chips

centration of an electrolyte affects the current that can be passed through itApparatus: Electrodes,Beaker,Lab PackMeasuring CylindersWiresMaterials: Hydrochloric acid (HCl),WaterDiagram:Prediction: I ... e than H+ ions, then they are given off at the electrodes as solids which drop to the bottom of the beaker and stay there as they are once again stable and unreactive.At the anode:If halide ions are p ...

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Water of crystallization Aim:Prepare a standard solution of hydrated sodium borate to find the number of moles of water of crystallisation

pipette Wash bottle of distilled water Funnel Volumetric flask, 250 cm3 Beaker, 250 cm3 Retort stand Burette clamp Burette, 50cm3 Pipette, 25cm3 ... stand Burette clamp Burette, 50cm3 Pipette, 25cm3 Pipette filler Beaker, 100cm3 White tile Conical flask, 250cm3Reagents used:Distilled WaterHydrated S ...

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Short paper on how objects can be classified as 'living' and 'non-living'.

he three test subjects helped clear up any uncertainties I had on this topic. A plant, a dog, and a beaker were studied which enhanced my understanding of the characteristics of living things. Each te ... icking his tongue out. This is an example of a response to an outside stimulus.I finally observed a beaker which had some life-like characteristics although I know it was not alive. I watched it inter ...

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Rate of Photosynthesis.

ical you are going to measure the time it takes for leaf disks to rise to the surface of water in a beaker.When disks are cut from fresh leaves and kept moist, the cells of the leaf remain alive and a ... remain alive and are capable of carrying out photosynthesis. Normally these leaves would float in a beaker of water but when the air is removed from the spongy mesophyll air spaces by creating a low p ...

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Investigating Osmsosis - GCSE Coursework.

try and balance the salt concentration. For example, if you placed a larger piece of potato into a beaker of an almost 100% salt solution; the potato would completely shrivel up because it would lose ...

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