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Compare and Contrast Stanley from "A Street Car Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams , and Lago from "Othello"by Shakespeare

e destroys the good relationship between him and his wife , Stella. He thinks that she has sold the Belle Reve which he thinks it's a part of partly him, but she does not give him any money. The most ...

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Outline of events in the play Street Car Named Desire by Tennesse Williams

ol at which she teaches in order to come visit her baby sister. She also admits that they have lost Belle Reve, the family estate. She criticizes Stella for having left her alone to try to save the pl ... r's husband nonetheless.The following evening, Blanche bathes while Stella explains to Stanley that Belle Reve has been lost. He is distrustful of Blance and wants to see the paperwork, but Stella beg ...

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Explore the methods Williams uses to create dramatic tension for an audience in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

s occurs in the second scene. Blanche is bathing, whilst Stanley questions Stella about the loss of Belle Reve, referring to the so-called "Napoleonic code". As an audience, we sense the tension being ... s him, again resulting in a build up of tension. However, as Stanley appreciates the tragic loss of Belle Reve,"[becoming somewhat sheepish]", he allows the conversation and the audience's attention t ...

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A Streetcar Named Desire: Detailed description of the 4 main characters and their traits + depiction of women.

ontrol of what belongs to Stella, not that she owns very much. When Stanley hears about the loss of Belle Reve he feels cheated of what is his, which explain why he gets so worked up over it.Stanley k ... how bad his mannerisms are but Blanche sees it all too plainly.Blanche DuBois is a fading southern belle. She is very insecure about her looks. Her vanity is her main weakness and she is constantly " ...

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"Streetcar named Desire" by Tennesse Williams.

anche. Also, Stella defends her sister at first, as when Stanley questions Blanche vehemently about Belle Reve, and then, to Stella, accuses Blanche of a swindle, Stella says, "... you don't know how ... tions and therefore ignored his "civilian background". Within the first conflict with Stanley, over Belle Reve and the papers about it, Blanche attempts to laugh off much of Stanley's comments and jib ...

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Blanche Dubois -- How Hardship Affected Her -How did a character respond to hardship in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

e play when Blanche arrives at Elysian Fields; she is so stressed out from her trip and the loss of Belle Reve she is drinking like a fish. First, Blanche drinks in secret before Stella arrives and ag ...

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A major subject or theme of Tennessee Williams' plays is human sexuality in its various aspects. Discuss with reference to A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

and the increasingly fragile Blanche DuBois attempts to cling to the feminine role of the Southern Belle, these are only aspects of their characters. The fact that their relationship is one of confli ... ffectively playing a part by conforming to a stereotypical role, in this case, that of the Southern Belle. The adoption of this role provides Blanche with a relatively stable sense of identity, or at ...

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An extract from Blanches diary; a creative text based on the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

and the shot...Monday, March 15, 1941Stella has left me. Death is creeping around our feet here at Belle Reeve. One can smell it...I hear the music again...the is laud to night. I have to ... sday, September 30, 1943Stella has married a man... Stanley. My Stella, Stella for a star. She left Belle Reve, she left me with death... Death is everywhere is slowly drowning me... I will leave too. ...

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Tennessee Williams: A streetcar named desire

y, carrying all that she owns. Blanch and Stella have a warm reunion, but Blanch has some bad news: Belle Reve, the family mansion, has been lost. Blanche stayed behind to care for their dying family ... to her destruction. Blanche has a shady past in Laurel. In her loneliness, during the last days of Belle Reve and after the mansion was lost, she turned to strangers for comfort. Her numerous amorous ...

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In Scene Three Blanche meets Mitch and witnesses turbulent passion. What are the similarities between Blanche and Mitch and do they have any future prospects together?

by her, to the intense irritation of Stanley. Earlier in the play when Stanley questioned her about Belle Reve, Blanche had flirted with him in the same way. Unlike Mitch, Stanley saw through her mann ...

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Essay on Stella in "Streetcar Named Desire", by Tenessee Williams: Description of how she is torn between Blanche and Stanley.

Stella Kowalski is Stanley Kowaslki's wife and Blanche Dubois' older sister. She grew up at Belle Reve with Blanche and moved to Elysian Fields in New Orleans when she married. Even though she ... overcritical mother, perhaps because she is the older sibling and feels in charge since Stella left Belle Reve. Stella accepts all this criticism she receives as if she were used to it or expecting it ...

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Discussion on what extent the play "Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennesse Williams is a allegorical play.

as "old fashioned ideals". She comes from a rich and elegant French family who owned a house called Belle Reve, meaning a dreamy and imaginary world. She believed herself superior and did not see that ...

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Street Car Named Desire

of life realistically, all the deaths, she'd break down. When Blanche talks about her hardships at Belle Reve,[Blanche] I, I, I took the blows in my face and my body! All those deaths!..."(Williams 2 ... !..."(Williams 2015). Blanche is idealistic because she's lost everything she's worked for in life: Belle Reve, her first love, her family and most of all her dignity. [Blanche] "Everything that I own ...

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The Grief Of The Three Main Characters In

many nice clothes. However, this all changes suddenly and she becomes poorer and poorer because the Belle Reve is lost. Although she loses everything, she still wants to retain her wealthy life-style. ...

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Allan that she was disgusted with him. He committed suicide. At the same time, the bank repossessed Belle Reve when Blanche mortgaged it for the funerals of family members. She was kicked out of her h ... d she says "˜Please don't get up.' This is because man would stand up when a lady walks by in Belle Reves. It is common courtesy. Surprisingly, Stanley replies "˜ Nobody's going to get up, ...

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Blanche DuBois

Her flashy sense of style and imagination hide the truly tragic story about her past. Blanche lost Belle Reve but, moreover, she lost the ones she loved in the battle. The horror lied not only in the ... al stalking his prey before he goes to attack. Then Stanley confronted Blanche about the mansion in Belle Reve. He used the Napoleonic code as an excuse to see what money or property he could obtain. ...

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Themes of death and desire in

ay." 2 The play tells of the visit of the main character, Blanche, a supposedly typical to Southern Belle, to her long estranged sister Stella, who she finds living in modesty in New Orleans. Williams ... and events before Blanche's arrival that precipitate her downfall within the play, these take us to Belle Reve, the ancestral mansion outside Laurel, Mississippi, which was once the centre of a great ...

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O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape And Williams’ A Stre

the high school superintendent suggested she take a leave of absence to her struggles fighting for Belle Reve. The action of the scene transpires as Blanche allocates blame onto Stella for the loss o ... e.Stanley?s objective in scene two is to determine the amount of money he is entitled with the sale Belle Reve. Stella explains that she hasn?t seen any papers and that Blanche had suggested that Bell ...

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Traditionalism versus Defiance in a Streetcar Named Desire by Jonathan

en ill. Later, while Blanche, as is her wont, is bathing, Stanley, imagining himself cheated of the Belle Reve plantation property, tears open Blanche's trunk looking for sale papers. Blanche demonstr ... ing watched her family estate slip through her fingers, fails to see the decadence of her patrician Belle Reve existence; Social Darwinism has replaced gentility, and this "old maid schoolteacher" (55 ...

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This essay discusses the relationships in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

irs?" Blanche and Stella are both uncomfortable with how different it is in New Orleans compared to Belle Reve. Blanche is much vainer than Stella, and she also seems to be richer. Stella is much more ... ic as to where Blanche has gotten all of her expensive clothes from. believes that Blanche has sold Belle Reve and taken all the money herself. "Then where's the money if the place was sold? [...] Ope ...

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