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A film review of blockbuster Pearl Harbor and its social consequences.

ion. Younger audiences may not sit still for a World War Two documentary, but squeeze in Disney and Ben Affleck somewhere and they're ready for their history lesson.

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The realities of "Historical Movies" and how they are not truly historical or "love triangles."

h of the story involves a love triangle between two American servicemen, and a woman. One American (Ben Affleck) joins the British Royal Air Force and is said to have died. The woman falls in love wit ... died. The woman falls in love with his friend, the other American serviceman (Josh Harnett). Later Ben Affleck comes back, and the woman is torn apart. The two servicemen go off in a retaliation atte ...

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Johnny Depp - A Philosopher Among Actors

actor is by conforming to the Hollywood system: take the roles that provide the largest paychecks. Ben Affleck did not become a superstar celebrity by following his passion; Reindeer Games and Gigli ...

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Gender and race

rsey Girl, which one would assume the interview would be about, but being that the film is starring Ben Affleck, what else would the interview be about? Even in the table of contents description of th ... d the interview be about? Even in the table of contents description of the interview, the notorious Bennifer is mentioned. J. Lo's character in Jersey Girl dies in the first fifteen minutes, which is ...

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Gross Manipulations

of "David" comes to mind, but for more recent examples, our current poster boys include Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Usher, and Tom Cruise. However, men have an advantage over women in that if they do not ... dred times more money than teachers, firefighters, and policemen. Those that go out of their way to benefit mankind are the true heroes, and are the people we should praise, award, and plaster all ove ...

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"Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" Movie Response: Is The Science Behind These Films Real?

course with Earth. Bruce Willis, the best oil-driller in the world, as well as his crew, including Ben Affleck, are selected by the U.S government to go into space and detonate nuclear warheads insid ...

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Hollywood’s Effect on Society

vies is by using popular actors that people usually watch. An example of this is how Hollywood used Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor or Neve Campbell and Drew Barrymore in Scream. These movies probably wou ...

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Organisational change

ngly, high performance manufacturers still are a small minority, despite the extraordinary economic benefits.Resistance is the most important cause of failed organisational change. Resistance to chang ... tanding (Chapman, 2002). Anxiety over the unknown future and the possibility of a loss in income or benefits will also bring resistance (Senior, 2002). "It is not easy to deal with the dynamics of per ...

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Critical Reflection - Good Will Hunting

a "Harvard Bar" where he shows off his intellect and wit in the defence of his best friend Chuckie (Ben Affleck) by talking down an arrogant student. And meets a girl named Skyla (Minnie Driver), a ri ...

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Hawksian Women

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