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nges of government and three elections. No elected leader has ever completed a full term in office. Benazir Bhutto, who was dismissed by the president in August 1990 after only twenty-one months in of ... d in Pakistan. The Pakistan People's Party (or PPP) received a majority of the vote and as a result Benazir Bhutto once again became prime minister. This time however, she has a pliant president in th ...

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Human Rights In Pakistan

y versus tolerant and nonviolent piety, or discrimination versus democracy? (Inayatullah 2007 27-42)Benazir and Pakistan human rightsPakistan's economic liberalization programs during Benazir Bhutto's ... ,000 in wealth tax--or 0.0036 percent of the direct taxes collected. Following the assassination of Benazir in late December 2007, the human right situation of Pakistan worsens due to dictatorship of ...

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"Are Women as Effective Leaders as Men?"

leadership as women's influence has been limited. Examples of Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Benazir Bhutto are only exceptions in my view. But it is not to say that historically women are less ...

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vicissuted of pakistani politics

Vicissitudes of Pakistani Politics: " Bhutto Period and Assasination of Benazir ButtoI IntroductionII Early life and education of Benazir BhuttoIII Political LifeIII.I Pers ... BhuttoIII.II Political Struggle of BhuttoIII.II Prime Minister-Period of BhuttoIV Assassination of Benazir BhuttoIV.I ResponsibilitiesIV.I AccusationsV Effects of AssassinationV.I RiotsV.II Situation ... Effects of AssassinationV.I RiotsV.II Situation of Pakistan People's PartyVI ConclusionINTRODUCTIONBenazir Bhutto was the first woman that governed a modern Islamic nation. She was one of the most in ...

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