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This is a muscle analysis of when you do the bench press.

Bench PressThe bench press can be divided into two movements for analysis. The movements are the ...

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Physical Education Personal Training - Volleyball

r day to work on these areas. The things I tested myself on in the first lesson were sit-ups (abs), bench presses (triceps), chin press/ push ups (biceps) and upper shoulder.Day 1, February 3- first d ... er shoulder.Day 1, February 3- first day of testing. Included:1. sit ups, per minute: 602. triceps, bench press: 303. amount of pushups possible non-stop: 7Day 2, February 5- went to the gym; cardio w ...

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An Example of Perseverance in Sports

My first few weeks on the team were challenging; I couldn't beat anyone at practice, and I couldn't bench press much. My self-esteem took a big hit those first few weeks. After a while I started to en ...

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Strength Training

to start working out so I could "bulk up". My dad recognized my interest and brought home a weight bench for my next birthday. I was so excited and immediately began working out.However, things didn' ... y desire to exercise. On my fifteenth birthday I found a really good deal on an Olympic size weight bench. My dad bought it for ninety bucks. If you've never shopped for exercise equipment, that's def ...

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Weight Lifters

rds they emphasize on toning their muscles instead of building them. For instance, when they do the bench press lift, they will only put about seventy pounds on the bar and bench that at least fifteen ... his by lifting high amounts of weight at low repetitions. So, a person of Mike Alstott?s size would bench about three hundred and fifty pounds but would only do five reps. This type of lifting will ac ...

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4.78s4.19YActivities Completed for each Training Method EXERCISEWEIGHTREPSSETSBench Press25-3510-123Ab RolloutBW8-103Triceps Extension310-123C ... hootingTricepsExtensionTriceps ExtensionChest FliesPassingPectoralsExtensionBench PressChest FliesReboundingQuadricepsExtensionLeg PressCalf RaisesDribblin ...

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mike is 99

I will be doing is 3 because that is the suggested amount for bulking.Selection of Exercises: Chest:Bench Press (Dumbbell) 3 sets of 10Lie down on your back on a bench and hold 2 dumbbells at chest le ... short pause.Breathe out when raising the dumbbells and breathe in when lowering them back. Incline Bench Press (Dumbbell) 3 sets of 10Lie down on your back on an inclined bench and hold 2 dumbbells a ...

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