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Jedism. The religion of Star Wars.

s Stark and Bainbridge's in The Future of Religion, although I like some elements from others, like Berger's concepts of reification and secularization.George Lucas's Star Wars trilogy, apart from bei ...

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Censorship in Public Schools

Richard Brautiganbecause he thinks they might contain 'obscenities or offensive sexual references' (Berger59).-A Vermont high school librarian is forced to resign because she fought the schoolboard's ... the burning of many copies of atextbook that deals with drugs and the sexual behavior of teenagers (Berger 61).These cases of censorship in public schools are not unusual and there is evidencethat suc ...

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What does it mean to 'think sociologically'? Illustrate your answer with examples from sociological research and from your own experience.

ically, thinking anthropologically, thinking historically or thinking psychologically, for example (Berger 1966: 11-36; Reiss 1968: 2-3). Others try to determine the nature of sociological thinking by ... , in Social Theory: A Guide to Central Thinkers. Peter Beilharz (ed.). St Leonards: Allen and Unwin.Berger, Peter. 1966. Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective. Harmondsworth: Penguin.Bessa ...

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"Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez.

erwise be evident"(112). Was I going to view this art like the general masses and be mystified like Berger predicted I would be? Well, yes and no.When I first looked at the portrait of Las Meninas, th ... ted me to see. The only absolute way to see the art for what it could possibly convey was through a Berger analysis.Once again, I asked myself why the characters were positioned the way they were. My ...

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Biological Psychology.

until 1953 that work by Kleitman and Aserinsky produced evidence that this was indeed not the case. Berger (1920) was the first researcher to use an electroencephalogram (EEG) to examine electrical br ... we sleep it is important to understand the levels of brain activity that are present during sleep. Berger placed electrodes onto the scalp pick up the brain activity. Tiny voltages are detected as th ...

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Jim Abbott Beating the Odds.

ore that summer, I had always felt pity for people who were physically challenged especially Justin Berger. Justin, a boy in my age group at Camp Wayne, who was born with some kind of illness that pre ...

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The passage is about inequalities from the short story of Kurt vonnegut.

ay from evil influence of the General, he was an intelligent man. Do you really know that his name "Bergeron" contains the French word "Berger" meaning a "Shepherd"? No matter, how people strive for i ...

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This essay is about "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger.

Questions for a Second Reading.1.Berger's use of the word "history" always constitutes the relation and contrast between the present ... not on canvas, in paint or frame, but it lives in our senses, in ourself, our future and our past. Berger might has not "discovered" the past or recognized it for exactly what it is, but in his writi ... iting he gave paintings a story. For instance, lets take Hals' Regents of the Old Men's Alms House. Berger tells a story where he establishes a relationship between the Governors and the Governesses a ...

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The Spread of Personal Technology and their effects

s in today's minivans and sport utility vehicles help to keep the peace in millions of back seats" (Berger). The idea of having a television system installed in cars occurred because it became apparen ...

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The structure of the personality

tructural hypothesis, the id is generally recognised as the psychic representative of the drives." (Berger 1995 p.106) The id represents biological forces and is always present in the personality. The ... nstinctual needs, in accordance with the pleasure principle." (Hinsie & Campbell, 1970 cited in Berger 1995 p. 106)The id is a source of energy and should not be retained too much, but at the same ...

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The Berger Report;referenced: Thomas Berger, the inquiry, 1970's vs.present

THE BERGER REPORT Before the Berger InquiryOil and g ... Mackenzie Valley through to Alberta. ( was Thomas BergerThomas Berger was a lawyer, judge and humanitarian in Vancouver fro ... ould affect the Northern environment socially, economically, and environmentally. From 1974 to 1977 Berger was the commissioner of the 'Mackenzie Valley Pipeline'. In this he made the decision to reje ...

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The Ego, The Superego and The Id.

tructural hypothesis, the id is generally recognised as the psychic representative of the drives." (Berger 1995 p.106) The id represents biological forces and is always present in the personality. The ... nstinctual needs, in accordance with the pleasure principle." (Hinsie & Campbell, 1970 cited in Berger 1995 p. 106)The id is a source of energy and should not be retained too much, but at the same ...

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Gender and Ethnicity in Comic Strips

f color have been degraded and dehumanized in many ways. In his 1973 book, "Comic Stripped", Arthur Berger refers to the early comic strip, Yellow Kid, whose " was that of tough, dirty little ... ere Negro children, with kinky hair or thick white lips, Irish toughs, and mangy, ragged animals." (Berger, 27) "Babies and children permeate the cartoon and you get a sense that they are not really h ...

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Including all children in daily maths lessons using the national numeracy strategy in the uk

olving imagination, intuition and discovery. It is essential for allpupils whatever their ability. (Berger, Morris & Portman, 2000, p5)From determining which is the next bus to catch and how much ... rcise to 'wake up the brain', resulting in an emphasis on 'dialogue, chanting and quick responses' (Berger et al 2000, p17). Many oral starters will involve group counting or quick fire questions. Gro ...

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Dance Criticism

with cancer and AIDS" in to his performance that were neither dancers nor dancing within the piece (Berger 1). Consequently, Croce's article is not a review/critique of the dance piece in particular b ... was really exemplifying the long honorable tradition of art that bears witness to human suffering" (Berger 3). To this end, Oates does not see Jones work "Still/Here," as a dance piece that holds the ...

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Using Berger's "Ways of Seeing," to analyze George Inness's "Lake Trasimero."

ignment. Drawn to George Inness's painting "Lake Trasimero," we found it to be full of content that Berger discusses in Ways of Seeing. In "Lake Trasimero," the first glance thought is it's just a pai ... e he saw it the first time, in order for the viewer to experience the sumptuous landscape as he did.Berger says, "The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe" (8). Looking at ...

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A Child with Autism

s in approximately 1 out of every 166 children and is four times more common in boys than in girls (Berger, 2005).Children with autism show a great variety of symptoms ranging from severe impairment i ...

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Selecting Five Stocks for Portfolio Management in Dhaka Stock Exchange

f the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh. The suggested stocks are of UCBL, Apex Footwear, BATBC, Berger Paints, Pubali Bank Limited, Popular Life Insurance, One Bank Limited, Summit Power, Uttara F ... les Ltd.74.5StocksSpot PriceSquare Pharmaceuticals2181.5Apex Footwear420Popular Life Insurance847.36Berger Paints140Ratio Analysis:Now, we will examine all the twelve stocks PE ratio and EPS. Higher P ...

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"Fahrenheit 451": letter to Beatty from Guy Montag.

ourself this simple question. Are you truly making a happier world?Sincerely,Guy MontagBibliography:Berger, Melvin. Censorship. New York: Franklin Watts, 1982."Censorship Is Essential to an Open Socie ...

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Sexual Advertizing

n take a feminine male and make a man of him. The advertisement Targets a male audience, confirming Berger's idea that certain advertisements target specific genders. While the advertisement is direct ... on frenzied women the advertisement is destined to attract a male audience. By doing so it supports Berger's idea that advertisements use gender roles to target specific audiences.Though the masculine ...

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