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onomers have studied Neptune since September 23, 1846, whenJohann Gottfried Galle, of the Berlin Observatory, and Louis d'Arrest, anastronomy student, discovered the eighth planet ...

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The Wannsee Conference

ess than two hours, including lunch, was held at a lakeside villa, previously owned by Interpol, in Berlin's western suburb Wannsee to coordinate the implementation of the 'final solution of the Jewis ... on 6 March 1942, held at the offices of IVB4 in RSHA headquarters on the Kurfürstenstrasse in Berlin. Under Eichmann's chairmanship the meeting focused on a proposal for the compulsory steriliza ...

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The olympic games

the Games since they originated in 1896, I didn't become a part of them until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The idea for me came from German Carl Retter Von Halts. He said "...My wish is for a splendi ... wish is for a splendid torch relay, for the athletes from all nations to carry the Sacred Light to Berlin from the sanctuary in Olympia. It is a worthy cause that Greece should transmit the Light to ...

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The Berlin Airlift.

A Divided CityWorld War II nearly wiped out Berlin. About a third of the city was destroyed, and some 152,000 civilians lost their lives. The da ... resulted mostly from Allied bombing raids throughout the war, and from an extended land battle for Berlin. At the conclusion of the war, the victorious allies took over Berlin in 1945 and divided the ... ector. They also divided Germany into four zones. As stated in the World Book Millennium, "Although Berlin lay within the Soviet zone of occupation; the Western powers expected the Soviet Union to per ...

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Fine Balance.

le of a group of people on the margins (economic, racial, religious margins) of society in Hitler's Berlin or Stalin's Moscow, a novel written by a refugee; you wouldn't expect a particularly happy en ...

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Tourist boom in Asia

vel levels last year, ebullient Southeast Asian country representatives at an international fair in Berlin say they are expecting a major turn-around in Asian tourism fortunes for 2004.More than 10,00 ... tourism fortunes for 2004.More than 10,000 exhibitors - a record number - from 178 countries are in Berlin for this year's International Tourism Bourse (ITB). Many come from Asia. Malaysia, Indonesia, ...

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Cold War - The Changing Relationship of the Superpowers

ans were taking over Europe, which forced them in this relationship. Once Hitler was eliminated and Berlin destroyed, the tensions began rising. These two nations had completely opposite ideologies fr ... The German war machine kept this alliance at bay only for so long before the two nations destroyed Berlin. The Soviets were already keeping control of all that was east of Germany, and this was causi ...

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Explain how the schlieffen plan was meant to work

y field marshal Haig is about to make yet another giant effort to move his drinks cabinet closer to Berlin." This mention of Haig suggests to us that it is about Haig. Although there are no figures or ...

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Cabaret - Essay takes an in depth look into the movie/musical, Cabaret.

The Movie of "Cabaret" is classed as a Musical, set in Berlin, during the Nazi German times of the 1930's. However, although based around an extremely seri ...

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Battle For Berlin

The Battle for BerlinNow the scales of war were against Hitler, and in the summer of 1943 the Germans met with a de ... nd Russians were closing in on Germany. The Russians by the end of January were within 100 miles of Berlin. Hitler resolved to fight on, which resulted in even more deaths and devastation. While the w ... s such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor and Treblinka.In April, 1945, the Russians were closing in on Berlin. Hitler demanded a fight to the death and designated Berlin a "fortress" to be defended to th ...

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Ira Berlin's "Many Thousands Gone."

Berlin traces the evolution of black society from the first arrivals in the early seventeenth centur ... society and whose physical and linguistic seclusion sustained African traditions on American soil. Berlin demonstrates that the meaning of slavery and of race itself was continually redefined, as the ... ce itself was continually redefined, as the nation moved toward political and economic independence.Berlin argues that despite an inherent power imbalance, slavery was a negotiated relationship betwee ...

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To what extent did D

After Hungary, Berlin and the Cuban missile crisis the superpowers wanted to reduce international tensions to preve ...

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The Culture of the Weimar Republic

o be forgotten by their own society. The most productive city in arts and sciences in the 1920s was Berlin - the capital of the Republic. At this time German artists made important cultural contributi ...

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

ity between Canada's French-speaking parts and English-speaking partsII. Early LifeKing was born in Berlin, Ontario, in 1874. (Berlin is now Kitchener.) He was named after his grandfather, William Lyo ...

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German War Guilt Position Paper (Position: The world went to war, and in the end Germany was made to pay for its mistakes)

1909. He had been waiting for a Serbian move against Austria-Hungary. He and, "a handful of men in Berlin had foreseen [the war] - and in a large part had planned it - long before." (Fromkin) When th ...

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Georg Heyms Der Gott der Stadt

lig;en)ІІ. Hauptteil:1. Kurzbiographie von Georg Heym"Wie ein Komet war Georg Heym, der Berliner Frühexpressionist, am Himmel der modernen Dichtung aufgestiegen und versunken" 2 So l& ... e Grundschule und später das Gymnasium in Posen und Gnesen. Als die Familie im Jahre 1900 nach Berlin übersiedeln muss, wechselt Heym auf das Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin-Wilmersdorf ...

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Setting a logistics company up in Romania and Bulgaria

ts logistics approach on a new strong market.We are a German logistics services provider located in Berlin, implanted all over Western Europe.The new, main aim of the company is to add some new partne ...

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Music Of Love

aria and Gayog (the Captain) were married. However, he was asked to become a Captain for a ship in Berlin. He did not want to because he did not want to help fight with the Nazis who were trying to ...

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The Nazi Games

The Olympic games held in Berlin in August of 1936 gave the Nazis a golden opportunity to impress the world with the achieveme ... r racist policies in front of other nations.        The "Reichsports" field in Berlin, which was built specifically for the Olympics, covered 325 acres, and included 4 stadiums, a ...

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une monarchie constitutionnelle. Quand les rebelles sont venus devant le palais du gouvernement à Berlin, l’ami d’Ebert, Schiedman a déclaré par accident La République Allemande. Une coalitio ...

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