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"The marriage of Bertrande and Martin brings all sorts of advantages to the community but none to the couple." Discuss.

As a result of their culture and beliefs, Martin Guerre and Bertrande de Rols were arranged to marry for the good of the community, the good of the two families ... l, 'The Wife of Martin Guerre,' many advantages can be identified, which impact either the village, Bertrande or Martin, whether it be before their affection grew, as their affection grew, when Martin ... shown in the mentioned phases of the novel, that although there are disadvantages or weaknesses of Bertrande and Martin's arranged marriage that effect them, there are also advantages and strengths t ...

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The Wife Of Martin Guerre: Short Answer Questions and Themes

in the mountains, and the "leisure" they enjoyed despite their hard work.2) Why is the marriage of Bertrande de Rols and Martin Guerre the first scene in this novel?The marriage of Bertrande de Rols ... between the great-grandfathers of the young couple. However, the birth and betrothal of Martin and Bertrande, who were born a very short time apart, marked the end of the families' quarrels.4) Why is ...

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Text Response- The Wife of Martin Guerre

nly planned to stay long enough to steal some silver or gold. In spite of this he fell in love with Bertrande de Rols and continued on at the house. During this time Arnaud was a good and caring man, ... as a good and caring man, he was a farther to Sanxi and his own child, the house prospered.However, Bertrande became suspicious that the man she had welcomed into the house was not the real Martin Gue ...

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The Wife of Martin Guerre

2. "The truth is only the truth. I cannot change it if I would." Bertrande is the only character in this novel who demonstrates any integrity. Discuss.Janet Lewis', ... hild bearers and the servants to the men and were not permitted to voice any opinions of their own. Bertrande, challenging this tradition, dared to accuse her husband of being an imposter, showing her ... gious in their beliefs and it set a foundation for them to make moral decisions in their own lives. Bertrande was also extremely religious and this was the basis of her decision to accuse her husband ...

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