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Biography on Robert Hooke

en he was thirteen years old Robert attended Westminster School, and later Oxford where some of the best scientists in England were working. Robert Hooke impressed them with his skills at designing an ... hia was a perfect, detailed record of his observations, with great drawings, that he drew. It was a best-seller of its day. In addition to the book he invented the compound microscope which was one of ...

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Persuasive essay on the merits of DDT.

s the problem? In 1973 DDT was banned by the U.S as a result of the publication of Silent Spring, a best-seller written by Rachel Carson which outlined the possibility of DDT entering the food chain a ...

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Description, Pros and Cons of Scarsdale Diet

t in 1967. Eleven years later, Herman Tarnower published The Scarsdale Medical Diet, which became a best seller. However, the low-fat trend began in the 1908s, so the diet, which is similar to the Atk ... raphywww.chasefreedom.com ...

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Book Report to the Class on A HANDMAID'S TALE by Margaret Atwood. May want to add more about the themes and take out some of the plot description.

her most widely known book is The Handmaid's Tale, which was published in 1986 and quickly became a best seller. It is now a staple of high school and college reading lists.The Handmaid's Tale is set ...

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Jackdaws review

en he wrote Eye of the Needle, he first book. The award-winning novel which became an international best-seller and a distinguished film. Before that he had been a reporter and a publishing executive ... ince written several equally successful novels including, A Dangerous Fortune, plus the non-fiction best-seller On Wings of Eagles. Ken Follet lives with his family in Chelsea, London.Most of the book ...

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Marketing analysis of legend

in China. Its annual turnover has exceeded 20.2 billion HK dollars and its computers have been the best selling brand for seven consecutive years in China since 1996 and the best seller in the Asia P ...

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Slaughterhouse Five: An Analysis of the Literature

and caught many peoples' attention. He coined "So it goes". Not often one sees a novel radical and best seller, but Slaughterhouse Five is exception. The book that is very "down to earth". Promotes i ...

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Social Trends

y smoking is so prevalent among teenagers or why a relatively unknown author can suddenly produce a best seller? It all starts from an idea, and the idea is very simple. It is that the best way to und ... ds, the recede and the flow of crime waves, or may be even the transformation of unknown books into best sellers, the rise of teenage smoking, the phenomenon of word of mouth, or any mysterious change ...

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Naturalism Analysis Through "Ethan Frome" and "Moby Dick"

especially for her work, Ethan Frome, and Herman Melville, whose masterpiece, Moby Dick, has been a best seller for years. These authors tried as hard as they could to portray life exactly as it was i ...

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"Dracula" by Bram Stoker

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker and was first published in June 1897. The novel was instantly a best seller and is considered by many people to be one of the most famous horror stories ever writte ...

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his discoveries in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. It became a nationwide best-seller almost overnight.Scientology focuses on the fundamental laws of life and a workable tech ...

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History Meets Imagination: "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.

ced to American literature. Truman Capote's term of a nonfiction novel is claimed successful in his best-seller, "In Cold Blood".The fact that the Clutters killing really occurred and the historical d ...

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The film "All Quiet On The Western Front"

The film All Quiet On The Western Front, made from a book which became a world best seller by Erich Maria Remarque show the negative view towards war. All Quiet on the Western Fro ...

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Comparison Of Night And Shindlers List

cism and people are sceptical to think that something like this will ever be matched. Keneally's #1 best seller and Wiesel's novel which won the Nobel peace prise are similar in a variety of ways. The ...

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Eight men out

scar baseball for life was committed in the World Series of 1919. Based on the Elliot Asinof's 1963 best-seller of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, Eight Men Out is an attempt to tell the story of how the ...

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Alice In Wonderland

d also knew a publisher so his book was published and it became a very big success. It's the second best seller in the world (with the Bible being the first best seller.) The whole book is mak ...

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Alice In Wonderland

d also knew a publisher so his book was published and it became a very big success. It's the second best seller in the world (with the Bible being the first best seller.) The whole book is mak ...

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"Down a Dark Hall" by Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan is know as a best seller in Novel books. She has been writing since she was twenty years of age. Lois has forty b ... adults. She has one a high acclaim and was chosen by the American Library Association to receive " Best Books For Young Adults Award". Among her many stories, eleven have been most popular suspense s ... l called "Blackwood School for Girls." At first, she was looking forward to it and she was sure her best friend Tracy would be there with her. But it ended up her best friend didn't pass the test to g ...

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