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"What is a Human Anyway?"

e use the word human every day without taking the time to ponder its intended meaning. In the novel Bicentennial Man a robot named Andrew fights for his independence and to be called human. In the end ...

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Robots Will Never Experience Emotion

ly to the manner in which it's creator have made them to act upon. A widely known movie called "The Bicentennial Man" have portrayed a robot of being capable of feeling emotion. Robots can only simula ... to express themselves to show humans thier feeling, but they cannot physically feel it. The movie "Bicentennial Man" was a hoax to make society believe that robots can think for themselves, if this i ...

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What Makes Us Human?

that make us human are love, courage, and the desire for freedom.Love is a very important quality. "Bicentennial Man" by Isaac Asimov, The Giver by Lois Lowry, "The Offspring" by Gene Roddenbury, and ... y Kurt Venngul Jr. are all stories that show this quality. The first story that love is shown in is Bicentennial Man. Andrew falls in love with little miss's granddaughter. Love is also shown in The G ...

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Andrew And The Mind

Andrew and the Mind "Bicentennial Man"� was written by Isaac Asimov to celebrate America's bicentennial in 1976. O ... a three part series, the story ended up as a standalone piece. We are all better off, as it stands "Bicentennial Man"� is perhaps the greatest science fiction piece written. However, the questi ... f rational human behavior. The World President announces to the assembly, "Today we declare you the Bicentennial Man, Mr. Martin."� The operative word in that sentence is "Man."� No man ...

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