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Mussolini and Fascist Italy.

s and members of the elite thought that the country was close to a socialist revolution during the 'Biennio Rosso' ('Two Red Years') of 1919-20. The 'Biennio Rosso' was important, as it can be argued ... incapable of carrying out either reform or revolution. Workers had become disillusioned after the 'Biennio Rosso'. However, the whole period had created a traumatic fear of 'Bolshevism' among groups ...

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Mussolini's rise to power

ini's rise to power were the impact of the First World War, the weaknesses of the Risorgimento, the Biennio Rosso , the elite's support for the Fascist Party, and the March on Rome. All of these facto ... he March on Rome. All of these factors contributed to Mussolini and the fascist's rise to power.The Biennio Rosso was a vital factor that contributed to Mussolini's rise to power, however the main rea ...

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