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Predatory felines

lution by evolving into more than thirty-six species. The Panthera is a group of cats known as the "Big Cats." Panthera Tigris, known otherwise as the tiger followed a path in the territories of Asia' ... he tiger and lion are much the same; when they are quite the opposites of each other.Tigers are the biggest cats in the world the Male tiger ranges in length from 87 to 130 in. and females from 85 to ...

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dlife. That predator is the agile cheetah. This essay will be giving you as much information on the big cat as it can. It will tell you about its amazing running ability and hunting habits. Also, it w ...

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Cheetah CompositionBy Victoria OlsenCheetahs are not your ordinary big cat for several reasons, one of which is that they're the world's fastest land animals. The chee ... , the Grant's gazelle, the springbok and the impala. They also will hunt the younger and sickest of bigger animals, for example wildebeest or zebras. While the other big cats often hunt by night, the ... mend to be researched by anyone interested in wild animals, especially people who are interested in big cats.

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The Notorious B.I.G

n taste. The fact of the matter is people develop a favorite artist and look up to them. The rapper Biggie Smalls was a pop culture icon that a lot of souls listened and looked up too. He influenced y ... nced youth culture tremendously by showing the youth that anybody can make it, even a guy like him. Biggie was one of a kind and very talented in his field, and I believe he had a positive affect on b ...

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