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Is Dance Really A Sport?

eek and the ‘stars’ who participate, including sporting stars, let it be known. ‘The Biggest Loser recently’ as a reward for winning the weigh in, recently took the winning red tea ...

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Short Story -- Dust Clouds On The Primrose Path

ty. At an old 25, life wasn't the barrel of monkeys it used to be. She was unhappily married to the biggest loser the northeast had to offer. By now, he was high off his ass and passed out next to his ...

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The Impact of Reality TV

watching, because they can fantasize about what is being portrayed as reality. Look at the show The Biggest Looser, who do you know that has a story like the contestants on the Biggest Loser? I can sa ... o lose weight, but I cannot say that I have met any with the same reality as the contestants on The Biggest Loser show.Do reality shows portray good morals and values? Not all that you hear and see is ...

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