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Bill Gates' life, achievments, and influences on the world throught his donations.

been focused on unlocking the power of computing to help people realize their full potential," said Bill Gates at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show. William (Bill) H. Gates is not only ... es has donated money to charities and those in need all around the world, from Las Angeles to India.Bill Gates is the founder and the owner of the Microsoft Corporation. He is the youngest self-made b ...

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This is a research paper dealing with the buisness, personal, and financial side of Bill Gates, the richest person in the World.

William (Bill) Henry GatesWith his wide rimmed glasses and high khakis, the average person who initially look ... , and today's culture. As Chairman, Chief Software Architect, and one of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates made himself the wealthiest person in the world; in 1998, Bill was worth over $100 billio ... world; in 1998, Bill was worth over $100 billion (Mr. Gates is currently valued at nearly forty-one billion). Born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Bill attended public school until he went to the pres ...

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Bill Gates Bib

Bill Gates is one of the most influential people in the world. He is cofounder of the most recognize ... s had a comfortable upbringing, with Gates able to attend the exclusive secondary "Lakeside School".Bill Gates started studying at Harvard University in 1973 where he met up with Paul Allen. Gates and ... start what was to become the largest computer software company in the world, Microsoft Corporation.Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation"To enable people and businesses throughout the world to rea ...

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that she was headed anywhere she began writing books. One day on her e-mail she gets a letter from Bill Gates saying that she could come over and write a book on the Inside of a computer-Bill Gates. ... Sure I'll be there around 3:30 and then we'll talk." She wrote a book on the "Anatomy of a Computer-Bill Gates" and it didn't go so well. When Bill Gates died around 2018 he left a will in which _____ ...

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates“A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization.” Samuel Johns ... how he could help the world, and incited others to as well, which has made him the man he is today. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is one of these exceptional people who have realized the way to ... is one of these exceptional people who have realized the way to prosperity and peace in the world. Bill Gates is the most influential entrepreneur of his time because of his charity, his contribution ...

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My Favorite Personality

favorite personality and so do I. My favorite personality or is often called idol is William Henry Bill Gates III. He is usually known as Bill Gates. He was born on October 28, 1955 and was a local r ... e holds the position of Technology Advisor of Microsoft Corporation. Besides, he is the Co-Chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an organization which is named after him and his sister. They wer ...

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u will needto make sure that the quality ofeducation is up to the mark.ICT creates motivation. when Bill Gatesfounded Microsoft, he had a vision ofhaving every computer in homes andoffices running his ...

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Money Does Not Buy Happiness

otional struggles. In a survey titled "Joys and Dilemma of Wealth" by Boston College, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Calibre Wealth Management, the wealthiest set revealed some ...

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College Students

often the ones thinking that they can still do well in life even if they drop out of school because Bill Gates was once a dropout who turned out to be a billionaire in the end.Some college students ar ...

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