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Drug Prohibition

nation's social and political problems. Legalization would reduce drug-related crime, save the U.S. billions of dollars In 1984, a kilogram of cocaine worth $4000 in Columbia sold at wholesale ... rohibition protecting American's rights? Prohibition increases crime and corruption. It also wastes billions of dollars in taxpayer's money in the futile effort of eradicating drugs. It also violates ...

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Legalization of Drugs

ling, buying, and consuming strictly controlled and banned substances is itself a crime that occurs billions of times each year in the United States alone' (Lindsmith Center). In the absence of drug-p ...

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The Effects of America after the Attacks on September 11th

have laid off 40,000 people alone. In just over a week, the U.S. aviation has lost 70,000 jobs and billions of dollars. "The parent company of American, the world's largest airline, said it will lay ...

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Computer crimes, due to society's declining ethical standards more than any economic need

Computers are used to track reservations for the airline industry, process billions of dollars for banks, manufacture products for industry, and conduct major transactions for ...

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Prevention of Chaos in the world

this situation from happening. What needs to happen is, every person on this earth out of the many billions that there are, needs to take responsibility of his/her actions.Chaos, mayhem, disturbance, ...

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Nuclear Weapons.

ly minutes.These weapons are nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons cost thecitizens of the United States billions of dollars in taxes eachyear, the testing and maintenance of these weapons pose seriousheal ... ormore multiple, independently targeted reentry vehicles (MIBVs),each with its own nuclear war head.Billions of dollars are wasted in taxes, each year, to payfor nuclear weapons. The United States has ...

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The Theory of Evolution

ess by which all living thingshave developed from primitive organisms through changes occurring overbillions of years, a process that includes all animals and plants. Exactly howevolution occurs is st ...

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Brand Name Products

e industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and influences the behavior and buying habits of billions of people. Advertising spending worldwide now exceeds $350 billion per year. In the United ...

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7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Qur'an.

irits. The Qur'an said this fourteen hundred years ago and yet no one has been able to disprove it. Billions of books have been written, but not another one like the Qur'an.2. IncorruptibleIt is the o ...

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Arranged Marriage

en spouse selection.Though the emotional scars of divorce can't be financially determined, it costs billions of dollars per year. Besides, the impact of divorce is devastating to innocent victims like ...

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Text messaging and the effects of instant messages on the new generation

might have grasped the main idea of it. Otherwise, I bet you could. The previous sentence is one of billions of sentences that are being sent and dealt with daily. It is, indeed, the new language of t ... Bane?" par.7). In addition, this figure jumps to a hundredfold in the U.S. itself. That means that billions of informal and abbreviated languages are being exchanged among the youth, which might affe ...

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Second-hand smoke and children.

Second-Hand Smoke and ChildrenBillions of people around the world smoke cigarettes each day. Many of these people have children, y ...

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uctionPolymerase chain reaction (PCR), can be used to amplify rare specific DNA sequences into many billions of molecules when the ends of the sequence are known. The method of amplifying rare sequenc ... e bacterium that inhabits the human digestive tract. The bacterial cells divide very rapidly making billions of copies of themselves, and each bacterium carries in its DNA a faithful replica of the ge ...

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Mao's Actions and it's Consequences

Mao Tse-Tung was a revolutionary person in his era; his ideas and actions have changed the lives of billions of Chinese people. Mao's motifs were made to make the people of the People Republic of Chin ...

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To lie or to die, the choice of John Proctor in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

Is anything more important than life?Billions of people have spent their lives on earth attempting to achieve immortality. Many attempt t ...

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This essay is about humans and the effect they have made on the natural enviroment

major problem since the first machines were made. Each year industrial developed countries generate billions of tones of pollutants. The major pollutants are: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen ...

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International Space Station.

s it is known. The scientific and medical discoveries that will be made on the station could create billions of dollars annually. A plan like this, arranged to benefit the whole world economy, should ... o many tax dollars. Some estimates for the station confirm that the cost has been underestimated by billions of dollars. Late last year Boeing beat out several other competitors for the prestigious po ...

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Three endangered species.

World Endangered SpeciesThere are millions if not billions of species that God had brought onto this earth, among the millions, some survived all the ...

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an essay abut why in today's scociety people believe that we do need television.

njoyment. This is acceptable. This is entertainment, how you spend countless hours of your life and billions of your dollars. Now place yourself in the shoes of an African-American person being stereo ...

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The monopoly of Microsoft.

16 other companies was fined eight million dollars, which is merely a penny to a company rolling in billions of dollars.Microsoft needs to be firmly dealt with by the Law.This penalty has now set a pr ...

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