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Bioremdiation of Toxic Wastes

Bioremediation, or biodegradation, is a method that uses microscopic organisms to reduce, eliminate, or contain hazardo ... as discovered at petroleum hydrocarbons waste sites where the contaminant spread was limited due to biodegradation by the on-site bacteria. It is measured by metabolic activity [NABIR 11].The bioremed ...

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Hypothesis Statement of Natural Attenuation of Hydrocarbon Vapors

f different transport and fate mechanisms. With respect to the latter, confirming the occurrence of biodegradation and its attenuation of vapor fluxes at petroleum hydrocarbon impacted sites is import ... haviors observed, iii) assess whether or not the data was consistent with the occurrence of aerobic biodegradation, and iv) assess the significance of aerobic biodegradation on soil gas profiles and h ...

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