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This is a character sketch on Joe Gargery from the book Great expectations, writen by Charles Dickens

Joe, on the other hand, is an ill tempered mother. To put put it more bluntly, she is a short fused bitch. Pip looks to Joe not only as a father figure, but as a companion. no matter how much trouble ...

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Fitzgerald's use of diction in The Great Gatsby.

his scene, and all three times his words make him sound as if he is superior to everyone. " 'It's a bitch,' said Tom decisively. 'Here's your money. Go and buy ten more dogs with it.' "(Page 28) In th ...

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Language & Communication Within Cultures.

e a weaker sex any way and a woman who always asks for exactly what she she wants is too bossy or a bitch even. Both genders use indirectness but in different situations if they are talking to a boss, ...

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"Christabel" by Samuel Coleridge.

n! the crowing cock,5 How drowsily it crew.6 Sir Leoline, the Baron rich,7 Hath a toothless mastiff bitch;8 From her kennel beneath the rock9 She maketh answer to the clock,10 Four for the quarters, a ... 7 The mastiff old did not awake,148 Yet she an angry moan did make!149 And what can ail the mastiff bitch?150 Never till now she uttered yell151 Beneath the eye of Christabel.152 Perhaps it is the owl ...

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The title is "No More Tears". It is a prologue to a book regarding domestic violence that I intend writing. It is a true account.

mouth the words that had become a daily threat five years ago when they were married. "you're dead bitch".A car horn brought her back to the present, and she saw that the green arrow signalled for he ... acker one last time before he went through the door. He grinned and mouthed the words, "you're dead bitch".Now five years later, she returned home. Determined to forget she had even seen him, she put ...

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Freestyle read it.. its soo true!

switch and give them a very big stitch which would end their life as of seeing that ruthless lieing bitch? Wow.. that's a tung-twister so I don't know what to do give her my shoe or let her fuck two.. ...

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Censorship of entertainment Research Project

...Don't you get it bitch, no one can hear you?Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin to youYou were supposed to love ... shut the fuck up and get what's comin to youYou were supposed to love me{*woman choking*}NOW BLEED! BITCH BLEED!BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED!-Eminem (Eminem).Above is just a representation of "controvers ...

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Why Me?

myself after visiting a big school in a little town, when I decided that I'm done being everyone's bitch. I flunked out in 7th grade and I guess that's where you could say all my problems and trouble ...

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What men can learn from women

a fight, which is quite common among them, besides punching each other, they would call each other "Bitch" or use other unpleasant adjectives. In contrast, we women are nicer among ourselves and tend ...

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Belle: Beauty Or Bitch

Belle: Beauty.... or Bitch Before I begin"¦ make sure none of the susceptible young minds of your campers read thi ... that she seemed to be, but that she was a full fledged, wants to sue you for all your worth, whiney bitch.1. She thought she was soo much better than all the other peons that lived and worked ... l about the West Wing?? In all honesty"¦. She should have never found out"¦ the nosey bitch. If some gihugic hairy beast with big pointy teeth basically screams at you that it's the only ...

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English Isn't Sexist

glish Language is sexist and degrading towards women, it is instead just another aspect in life to "bitch" about. Lets face it, life is boring without controversy, so it is only fair that our la ... hen another part of our language that needs to be addressed, the now common appearance of the word "bitch." The word bitch has more meanings than there are days in the week (or maybe even year). ...

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A Child Called It

om always told him that he was a "bad boy", even though he wouldn't do anything wrong. She was the "bitch", is what Dave would say. But when his father was around his mother was not like that at all h ...

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CRACK HEADS -Yo give me all your money bitch!!! Two figures struggle under the street lights. A gunshot is heard. Dogs bark in the distance ... apartment opens.KEMODERO -You stupid idiot! Why you allways have to make so much noise? LOONEY -The bitch spayed me with mace man! I couldn't see shit! Do it yourself next time if you're so damn smart ...

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You loved me?

get to know you, or how you will react to things like being called names and being treated like a "bitch." I have always, ever since I was in Kindergarten, been treated like this. I hate it.Now, at t ...

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t Sally and Cheryl got into an argument in witch Cheryl called Sally something along the lines of a bitch, or prostitute. The argument ended with a fight that ended their friendship, but Sally did not ...

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What If

t a young age, and my dad never seemed to be there for me. He went off frolocking with some younger bitch, and he left his family stranded. So what if something had happened to my mother? Would he hav ... sister, and showed any love and support that a father should? Or, would he have worried about what bitch he was going to fuck every night? Do not get me wrong, my dad was a very fun dad, and we had m ...

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ep. She pulls me back in, wanting more. She has no idea what I want. What I try to have.The selfish bitch she is...All she cares about is her. She wants me to play with her, take care of her, clean he ... onfess all my sins. Than finally scream to the world..."I fucking hate my computer and I killed the bitch!" :-D

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Those Who Wait

ad works about my special secret, by Freud and other psychologists. I just wish I knew more. It's a bitch, being sixteen years old, stumbling into the adult world--especially when those same adults ar ...

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Breaking Up

Briana says: so im a bitch now hey A Thug Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: well what he fuck A Thug Aint A Thug Wi ... Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: and your gonna take it really hard because the guy is gonna bitch you out and tell you everything he feels A Thug Aint A Thug Without a Girl.....AC says: like y ...

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American Son          A Love between a mother and her

e son who says that if any girlfriend criticized his mother or treated her wrong he would knock the bitch across the house (15). Tomas seems to do things that hurts his mother but at the same time lov ...

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