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Barbara Christian: The race for literary theory.

ented to work for these Western philosophers. The replacement of this theory has left unexposed the black literature, and its only 'advantage' is its determination on being promoted in academic instit ... competition theory as the ' race accelerates' (Christian, 226).Thirdly, Barbara is underlines that Black folk has always been a race of theory. Her concern with the race for theory is related to the ...

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"Spoken Word" .

ool cats, and daddios collectively referred to as the beatniks.C.Relax, the year is 19701.It is the Black power movement.2.You're at a Black Panther Party meeting, the bongo's are playing as you liste ... At this time poets such as Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Counte Cullen, shared readings on black pride and other social issue of the time.2.Also, in the 1950's with the Beatniksa.This time pr ...

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Equality for Africans

ts movement become irrelevant?Since this nation's birth, i.e., European discovery of the new world, Blacks, with exception to the native American Indians, have suffered disproportionately more than an ... rsory examination of world history will show that other groups have suffered more than the American Black. The brutal governments of Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Adolph Hitler are responsible for mor ...

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Historical Shifts and Collective Identity

tityThe social movements of the 1960's ignited a powerful transformation in collective identity for black American's. These movements interconnected to bring effective change to the black communities. ... he black communities. The Civil Rights Movement focused more on equality and citizenship, while the Black Nationalist Movement had more of a commitment to black culture, and political and economic det ...

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