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Why we must clean up air pollution, and not wait to evolve special lungs.

ect and holes in the ozone, dirty water. Burning fuel to produce energy causes particle pollution, 'black carbon pollution'. This results in very small particles being released into the air we breathe ...

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Water and Air Pollution Plan

g the cars made in 2006 and on into the future are not enough to keep our environment safe from the black carbon soot coming out of the older vehicles. There needs to be a plan for older vehicles as w ...

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How to measure risk in stock market

ow global warming.Each of the following solutions will provide a dramatic impact in on reducing the carbon emissions, but it will take more than just the effort of these solutions, we must apply them ... the earth as healthy as possible. The people of Sweden produce only 6.5 tons per person per year of carbon dioxide (CO2) versus the United States with a CO2 production rate of 20.14 tons per person pe ...

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