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"The Black Labrador Retriever" by Josh Abney

To understand the origin of the Black Labrador Retriever, it almost requires a study of the history of Newfoundland. Whalers and fis ... it was the dog's task to swim in the icy water, dragging the full fishnets to the men on shore. The Black Lab performed many other useful services for the fisherman. For example, they could gather up ... example, they could gather up fishing nets and carry ropes between boats. There are even stories of Black Labs saving crew members from drowning. Black Labs were natural retrievers - even then.The mai ...

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The True Life of Charlie. Creative piece similar to half-life with major deviation at the middle.

lease be cautious exiting." Charlie Downs had grown accustomed to the ever so friendly voice of the Black Labs computer system. It seemed almost yesterday he had first stepped onto the Labs elevated t ... ends that he was a computer specialist, Charlie actually worked at the governments highly secretive Black Labs. Furthermore, Charlie participated in the Labs latest project of nuclear electrifying on ...

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Cleft lip and palate

ikel, King, Drumright, 2010) cleft lip appears to be the outcome to failure of embryonic facial and labial tissue to fuse during growth. Seemingly tissues travel and develop normally but for other rea ...

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