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Negative Aspects of Rap Music

usic is that most rapartists are not setting good examples for the African American community. Blackmusicians and artists have a responsibility to be conscious of their world and to let their ... not, being a rapper perhaps plays the most essential role in shaping the minds andattitudes of black youths. Rappers are one of the most influential figures in thecommunity. Their influence ...

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CD Cover essay

I learnt that pop music began with blues and gospel at the end of the 20th century in America where blacks sang about their hardships connected with the slavery. In the twenties and thirties jazz beca ... usic for nearly three decades until the arrival of rock and roll in the late fifties. Jazz featured black musicians playing their music in clubs but it originally evolved from big bands to orchestras. ...

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APEX Museum

hat statement is very true. First I visited the Yates and Milton Drug Store, one of Atlanta's first Black owned businesses. I heard a lot of stories of early African American pioneers in Atlanta. It w ... things that we discussed in class come to live in these stories. I also learned about the powerful Black Families that helped to make Atlanta great. The APEX has a lot of information also on Auburn A ...

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A compare and contrast essay on blues and gospel music

him or her.Both, blues and gospel music help create what we know as rock music today. In the 1940's black musicians in the South and northern cities like Chicago, where black Americans had migrated in ... ng a new type of blues that was faster and a heavier beat. The style was "rhythm and blues". Later, black artists like Ray Charles and James Brown added gospel harmonies and piano riffs to the rhythm- ...

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Describe the main characteristics of a specific style or period in jazz since World War II

scale which then led to blue notes found in blues and jazz.In the early nineteenth century numerous black musicians learned to play Western instruments and in turn European American minstrel show perf ...

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