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The Black Rhinoceros

Black Rhinoceros, otherwise known as Diceros bicornis, is an herbivorous mammal native to regions of ... hundred. In July 2006, the World Conservation Union declared that one of the four subspecies of the black rhino, the West African Black Rhino, had become extinct. The population of black rhinos has dr ... Middle East to create handles of ceremonial daggers called jambiyas. Today, the IUCN has classified black rhinoceros as critically endangered.Female black rhinos are capable of producing a calf every ...

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ynx Texas Ocelot Tiger Marine Otter Cuvier's Gazelle Western Giant Eland Manipur Brow-Antlered Deer Black Rhinoceros Short-tailed Chinchilla Giant Armadillo Northern Hairy-nosed WombatBroom's Pygmy-po ...

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the land of the free

group called the Dallas Safari Club. They attempted to auction off the chance to kill an endangered black rhino-ceros in Namibia for one hunter. This permit sold for 350,000 dollars in Dallas on Satur ... ented, "more than 75,000 people signed an online petition at to stop the sale, saying black rhinos cannot be protected if they are allowed to be killed". Also many critics pounce it, " ' ...

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