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Laura Ashley

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Creative Writing "The Last Mile In The Rain"

ldn't spoil it with stained clothing.He brushed his long black hair out of his eyes. They were pale blue, though the violet from the sunset reflected in them, turning them a hazy shade of light purple ... instead comforted him.When her eyes had opened, he had gasped with delight. He looked down into her blue eyes for a moment, and then let her slip back into the tub as he ran for the phone. The ambulan ...

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This is a selection of poetry I wrote a few years ago. It's all a bit naive, but some of it's pritty

A frozen face of Ice,Silky hand so cold,A heart of stone,A burning core from the fires of hell.Deep blue eyes swim upon a ghost white face,Such and airy mind,Spun between Good and Evil.Hidden away div ... es float,Love drifts,A twilight realm.The moon lives.Icy water gently laps over the soft sand beach,Blues, pinks and reds tower the endless sea,The everlasting pier stretches beyond the horizon,Furthe ...

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"Color" A short example of how to use 'color' in writing.

un touches the horizon, the area where the sun would have been at around five o'clock is a combined blue and white. Yet the sun sinks farther and farther below the vast landscape, and the sky becomes ... a pale bluish-white portion a few times thicker than the golden strip. Just above that a dark baby blue fills the entire sky beyond reach of the sun. As the sun disappears within seconds, the horizon ...

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"Shootout at Big Muddy" by artist Carl Hantman.

xceptions of light. The artist mixed warm hues of rich reddish earth tones as well as using hues of blue. I believe this piece to be representational but definitely not naturalistic. I also think this ... om the viewer's range.Above the figure are mainly dark values overtaking lighter ones, suggesting a blue sky covered by storm or night. The upper ground has obvious circular lines with diagonal lines ...

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The Effects Of Color On Personality And Relationships

green may create more negative energy if there is some already present in the person being treated.Blue is the color of truth, serenity and harmony, by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for co ... y, by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting. Blue will help feverish conditions, it will help stop bleeding and it will help with nervous irritat ...

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Dress For Sucess

way to dress for business. Men should wear suits that are solid colors like black, gray, or blue. Men can also wear pinstriped suits. The preferred material of the suit it wool, or polyester t ... the more authority it carries. Mens shirts are also important. Shirts should be white, pale blue, or have modest strips. To avoid a certain gangster look men should avoid wearing darker shirts ...

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Expiriment- Colours

•ray box kit•piece of white paper•pieces of coloured card and coloured filters: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, cyan•clear triangular prismMethod:PART A1.The ray box was ... rded.Results:Colour of FilterColours Seen in SpectrumRedMainly RedYellow Yellow with Green & RedBlueBlue with small amount of GreenGreenGreen with small amount of Yellow & BlueOrangeOrange wit ...

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shores of the gulf

can go to leave all of my troubles; the place where I could sit forever and stare into the deepest blue you will ever see. This place is the ocean. The beach is where I was able to enjoy myself to th ... uld see ahead of me. The beautiful color which seemed to be a mix of pink and orange fills the dark blue sky and colors the cotton like clouds. Looking up, you can see the sea gulls circle in the air. ...

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