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Western Movement and Railroads. This essay is about western settlement and how the railroads turned out to be better agents of migration than many government homesteading organizations.

conomic means to move West and manage a farm. "Fewer still understood the new type of agriculture" (Blum, 453) that the Great Plains required. Instead, speculators and corporate interests were able to ... consider that 160-acre plots were "too large for irrigated farming and too small for dry farming" (Blum, 453). Even when Easterners attempted to revise the land policy, they failed. The Timber and De ...

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The Use Of Primates In Medical Research

ue of animal research is such a haunting one. It forces us to see what we would rather not"�(Blum 2). Animal research or experimentation has been occurring in laboratories throughout the world ... ified. Not long ago American researchers could go through 200,000 monkeys a year, without question (Blum 47). That is an alarming number of primates to use when, "Of 63 primate species in Asia "" wher ...

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Mistakes Make Us Human (legalization Of Marijuana)

le and consumption of tobacco. "These efforts failed everywhere and were quickly abandoned"�(Blum 97). In the 1920s, national alcohol prohibition became the law of the land in the U.S.; in 1933 ... and cannot do with our own lives. After all, isn't democracy about the right to choose? Works Cited Blum, Richard, et al. Society and Drugs. San Francisco: Jossey-Boss, 1969. 97.Goode, Erich A. Betwee ...

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Pysical Science 416

Jared Blum September 24, 2001 Group 5 (Jared Blum & Michael Meirrovici) Physical Science 416 Burning o ...

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Fear Driven: this is an essay that explains the reasoning behind the first book of "Native Son" by Richard Wright being called Fear

ctions that fear influenced was his fight with Gus.Gus had made the statement before the robbery of Blum’s was to take place that Bigger acted scared to do it. Bigger acted tough to his group of ...

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professional leagues for teen-agers, which threaten to diminish the talent pool for college teams (Blum, 1996). This upsets college fans because they don't get to see the best guys play for their sch ... , Kobe Bryant, was one of a few high school seniors who declared themselves eligible for the draft (Blum, 1996). Fans like to get to know a team and support it but at the same time, become frustrated ...

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To what extent can the 1936 popular front government be seen as a missed opportunity for social transformation

t to quell the growing menace of fascism, the left-wing Popular Front, led by Socialist León Blum, was elected into power. As Blum later reflected, it was a 'reflex of instinctive defence again ... n of the Popular Front.In the May 1936 legislative elections, the Popular Front, led by Léon Blum, composed of SFIO and Radical-Socialist ministers and supported by the Communist party, went in ...

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