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Shakespeare. How he influences me.

text. I said my piece and escaped with nary a moment to waste. The world of Shakespeare can be very blurry when seen through the eyes of a thirteen year-old Christian boy. I did not like it and I did ...

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The Scarlett Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Symbolism.

heart of literary symbolism. She is at times a device for Hawthorne to express the inconsistent and blurry qualities of Hester and Dimmesdale's illegal bond at times, and at others a forceful reminder ...

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My experience of moving to India

- -Tap ... tap ... tap ... I looked up to see a blurry figure of my mother tapping a few fingers on my shoulder. 'Sorry to wake you up, Rishi, but ...

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Paradise Regained, the little known sequel of Paradise Lost. Very well written with a Christian perspective, includes many quotes.

a. Milton wastes no time in discussing the role of women in the fall. As if he was trying to make a blurry topic clear, Milton states through Satan, "Since Adam and his facile consort EveLost Paradise ...

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American History X : Synopsis.

I guess you can say this family values its freedom, its hard-working and patriotism.Things get very blurry for Derek when his father is called to put out a fire in a black neighborhood and is shot and ...

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My Life as a Lilliputian: a creative story about a girl dreaming that she was 3 inches tall and went through an unforgetable adventure.

as I was about to wake up for school: I found myself lying on humongous pillow. My vision was still blurry and all I can see is an enormous hairy monster in front of me. Before I can scream, the monst ...

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This is a short story called, "The Deed". The assignment required the use of flashbacks and dialogues in a way that give a little twist at the end. The story revolves around boxing and retaliation.

dark sky as lighting gives it a quick scar.As if created by the lighting, a man appears in the fog, blurry at first but clearer with every step. He opens the gate and proceeds with little fear to a st ...

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McCulloch vs. Maryland.

the time that the big and small state plans were being determined and national and state laws were blurry in how much power each of them had. This case has to do with the powers of the national and s ...

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"The Shadowed Man Part Two" Please see part one for more details.

gray carpeted family room. The thump of the ground took all the wind out of me, and my vision went blurry as the man leaned over me.I found myself awake in a room unfamiliar to me. I lay on a hard co ...

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This essay is a sensory essay about an auditorium. It's strived for the actual feeling of the auditorium and has a nice, funny ending.

get stuck in the back where I can't see a thing and the stage and everything on it are going to be blurry. I notice the light hum generated by the audience and I'm already getting a headache. I sit d ...

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This paper about the art of PRINTMAKING, and how it is done in other countries. There are specific examples as well.

portray the good and bad of the past. Just as a memory can be fuzzy and hard to grasp, the print is blurry and almost illusive. The pale lights suggest distance, and even someone (the viewer) being sw ...

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Artist Comparison:Renoir and Judd

e was one. His illustrations show simple things and come to life with his five colors of paint. The blurry impressionist style would lead you to think it was sloppy and lacked detail, but if you look ...

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The American West / Uses movies High Noon, Stage Coach, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to discuss the 'myth' of the American West and where the 'myth' comes from

rpose of entertainment, they have added somewhat fictional details to a true story. The result is a blurry legend for Americans to behold and make their own. Yet, the directors and writers are not res ...

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Silent Mill- Part 3

s it, but they have to live with it, in a matter of speaking I mean."Sonia can you hear me?" It was blurry and hard to see, I didn't know where I was, who I was, how I got here. I could feel my body b ...

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Stop Shooting the Bacon and Shoot the Cafe!

choking on her spit that she swallowed by accident. To her vision she saw everything as orange and blurry... She could not see straight. She soon closed her eyes and went off to the dream world. Her ...

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The color purple by Alice Walker Writen as a new character (Sophia) in Celie's situaion A New Beginning

t. He pulls back his arm and hits me right in the mouth, my lip starts to sting and my eyes get all blurry, so I look away because I don't want Pa to see me cry, even though he has seen me cry many ti ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 13

She was standing over me pushing my chest. My vision was blurry, but I could somehow make out her, she seemed to have a glow around her. She sat me up and wa ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 21

It was small and white, with one window on his left, and a curtain on the right. His vision was too blurry to see much farther then the bed he laid on, and confusion filled his head and at first he th ...

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Why Torture is wrong.

oduct of people or of ideas, or is it the manipulation of government? Thus when the lines become so blurry, humans will inevitably hurt others along the way. No matter what our religious beliefs are, ...

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Monet's "Palazzo da Mula, Venice"

As I stared at the painting "Palazzo da Mula, Venice" by Monet, the images were extremely blurry to me and the picture was somewhat indistinguishable. I really wasn't even sure what it was I ...

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