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Down Syndrome Report

of three copies of the 21st chromosome. As a result, the affected person has 47 chromosomes in all body cells instead of the normal 46, although how this causes the condition's symptoms is not yet kn ... chromosome 21 material is attached to one of the other chromosomes; when some, but not all, of the body's cells carry an extra chromosome 21, the condition is a type of Down syndrome called mosaicism ...

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All about Pneumonia

happens oxygen has trouble reaching your blood. When there is too little oxygen in your blood, your body cells can't work properly. This and other spreading infections in the body are what can cause d ... lthy and not healthy, throat. When illness, old age, or impaired immunity, the bacteria weakens the body's defenses and can multiply and eventually get into the lungs. The lungs then will fill with a ...

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DNA finger Printing Facts and progress of DNA finger printing. Facts of all DNA finger printing up to 2003.

ue in every person.DNA makes up the thin strands (chromosomes) found in the center (nucleus) of all body cells. The only exceptions are red blood cells and platelets. DNA finger printing can be done w ... red blood cells and platelets. DNA finger printing can be done with a sample from any tissue in the body. DNA is obtained from white blood cells. A drop of blood or a air bulb contains enough DNA for ...

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Biology notes about DNA's roll in a cell and how it is fitted in. Also includes plenty imformation on Chromosomes.

ed by a protein disk at a point called a centromere.Human cells have 23 different chromosomes. Your body cells (also called somatic cells) contain two copies of each chromosome, for a total of 46 chro ...

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Cystic Fibrosis And Gene Therapy.

ntists are able to consider treating people with genetic disorders by introducing normal genes into body cells. Gene therapy has been successfully used in a few cases and many more genetic disorders a ... school textbooks.Cystic FibrosisCystic Fibrosis is an incurable hereditary disorder that causes the body to produce an abnormally thick, sticky mucus that clogs the pancreas and the lungs, leading to ...

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the disorder. It is associated with long term disorder that affects almost every major part in your body. It can cause blindness, heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, amputations, and nerve damage. ... mage. Diabetes is a metabolism disorder. A metabolism disorder affects the digestion of food in the body. After eating, most food is broken down by glucose, which is the main fuel for the body. Cells ...

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Problem of Personal Identity

whole is equal to the sum of the parts. There are two parts of the human person. First there is the body which changes daily. In the body cells die, muscles grow, and bones change. The second part of ... uscles grow, and bones change. The second part of the human person is the mind which, much like the body, always fluctuates and changes. It is seen as a change when people either forget things or on t ...

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Enzyme action

xic to cells, hence its value as a disinfecting agent that disrupts the metabolism of bacteria. Our body cells and those of many other animals contain an enzyme called catalase that accelerates the co ...

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The Respiratory System

system is made up of the organs that deliver oxygen to the circulatory system for transport to all body cells. Oxygen is essential for cells, which use this vital substance to liberate the energy nee ... y system aids in removing of carbon dioxide, preventing the lethal buildup of this waste product in body tissues. Day-in and day-out, without the prompt of conscious thought, the respiratory system ca ...

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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

A is not well understood. It is an autoimmune disease, which means the immune system attacks normal body cells in the joints. This causes inflammation and pain in the joints. Although the immune respo ... oints, frequently the knees or hips. Other types of JRA affect many joints and other systems in the body as well. Many children with JRA have inflammations in the eyes, which require regular monitorin ...

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ecommended for relieving physical problems such as back pain, ankle pain and fatigue. It makes your body more flexible. Your muscles gently stretch and relax because every yoga posture needs to move e ... xible. Your muscles gently stretch and relax because every yoga posture needs to move every part of body. Also, yoga exercises improve breathing and blood circulation. Undoubtedly, you will gain physi ...

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Most people take for granted the ability to sit, stand,

st indication of osteoporosis is typically when a bone breaks or is fractured. The skeleton of our body not only provides us with structural support, but also stores calcium and vital vitamins and mi ... h structural support, but also stores calcium and vital vitamins and minerals. Bone tissues in our body are constantly being broken down and reformed again later. This cycle is necessary for growth ...

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1.) Effects of mobile sources on global warming, the environment

xygen in the air to burn the fuel. Carbon Monioxide reduces the ability of blood to bring oxygen to body cells and tissues. It is more hazardous to people who have heart or circulatory problems and pe ...

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Mitosis and Meiosis Mitosis:         Cells can be divided in unicellular

needed in that cell.In eukaryotes two basic types of cells occur in their bodies. Somatic cells are body cells that contain the same amount of chromosomes as each other inside the body of an organism. ...

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Circulation in animals

no substance must diffuse very far to enter or leave a cell.- By transporting fluids throughout the body, the circulatory system functionally connects the aqueous environment of the body cells & t ... distinction between contexts of type 1 and 2 remains to be made out in quantum mechanical terms; nobody has managed to say in a completely satisfactory way, in the terms provided by the theory, which ...

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Did you heard about Ebola Viruses?

enus of filovirus family can infect dendritic cells which are antigen presenting cells blocking the body's ability to start the adaptive immune response. Dendritic cells secrete tumor necrosis factor ... ucing the secretion of these proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines, the immune mechanisms of the body cannot function properly anymore. Lymphocytes do not get infected by virus directly but suffer ...

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How to make a human

exual reproduction.Meiosis and Mitosis are methods of cell division in human cellsMitosis occurs in body cells forming identical daughter cells from a parent cell both with the full number of chromoso ... forming 4 daughter cells each with half the number of chromosomes of the original cell.•Normal body cells have 46 chromosomes. Cells that have undergone meiosis have 23 chromosomes.•Label Di ...

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Final Stages Scenario

hologically.Some of the changes that take place biologically is the reduction to the ability of the body cells to divide further. This can be explained with "Hayflick's Cellular Clock theory". His the ...

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"Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, ... n you eat, some of your food is broken down into glucose. Glucose travels in your blood to all your body cells, where it supplies energy. Insulin, made by your pancreas, helps glucose move from your b ... duce any insulin also known as insulin dependent or immune-medicated diabetes. You must assist your body to keep your insulin and glucose in balance Type II is where the body can't make enough or prop ...

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Molecular Biology and Gene Technology Assignment

There is one main difference between somatic and germline gene therapy. Somatic gene therapy alters body cells and has no effect on the reproduction cells or any future offspring. Germline gene therap ... es. All of these genes are needed to give instructions for how to make and operate all parts of our body.Parents: Alright. Now please explain about Cystic Fibrosis.Gene Therapist: Okay, Cystic Fibrosi ...

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