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Melatonin and the Pineal Gland

rine system, the glandular system that controls most of our bodily functions. The pineal runs our Oebody clocks', and it produces melatonin; the hormone that may prove to be the biggest medical discov ... the aging process. The pineal gland controls such functions as our sleeping cycle and the change of body temperature that we undergo with the changing seasons. It tells animals when to migrate north a ...

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Inter-Organismal Transport System in Humans

y numerous functions, including oxygen distribution and attainment, waste absorption, regulation of body temperature, and defense mechanisms against foreign substances. The human requires every aspect ... s most critical functions is to transport oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues throughout the body. There are two absolutely vital processes that occur in the circulatory system. One, Systemic c ...

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This essay discribes the roman bathing system.

they went to the Apodytarium. This is were you would get undressed and oils would be rubbed on your body. Then after bathing you would scrape it of with an instrument called a strigil. Next, you would ... t would prepare you for the hotter rooms. After this, you would proceed to the Caldarium. When your body temperature got used to the Tepidarium here is where you'd come. This room was very hot and as ...

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"The American Alligator" its diet, mating habits, predators, and daily rituals.

ack people unless it is teased or feels threatened.The American Alligator basks in the sun to raise body temperature and uses the water to lower it. In order for the digestive enzymes to work their be ... uses the water to lower it. In order for the digestive enzymes to work their best, the alligator's body temperature needs to be above 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It digs out a burrow to hibernate in for w ...

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Human Nervous System.

is the relay center of brain and spinal column (also in pain perception). The hypothalamus controls body temperature, blood pressure, sleep, and emotions (also is involved and controls the endocrine s ... rve fibers pass from one to another, so the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side controls the left side, they intersect somewhere in spinal cord. The outer ...

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Enzyme on hydrochloric acid and yeast.

ecific substrate molecule will fit. Enzymes all work best at an optimum temperature that is usually body temperature at 37C. If the temperature that the enzyme has to work at gets too high, normally 4 ...

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This is a Gym Summary from the book called "Life Fitness".

have an effect on what type of exercise you do and how much. If the weather is hot and humid, your body temperature will rise more quickly than it would in cooler weather. If you are not careful, you ... is cold and clammy and you have symptoms of shock. Worse, you could be heat stroke which has a high body temperature, dry skin, rapid pulse and maybe unconsciousness. To avoid these things from happen ...

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Iodine-Source and Daily Requirement.

e of it is required daily, why it is important, where it can be found,and how it is absorbed in the body. Basically, if you are looking for a grade 12 study report on Iodine source and daily requireme ... xine and tri-iodothyonine. The thyroid hormones not only regulates metabolism but it also regulates body temperature, therefore it's essential for normal grown and development. These thyroid hormones ...

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I am going to investigate how the temperature affects the catalyse enzyme on hydrogen peroxide, using potato discs for the catalyse.

xide) quickest at 37- 40 degrees Celsius because enzymes work best at certain temperatures, usually body temperature. If the temperature is above 40 degrees the enzyme will become denatured so molecul ...

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Heat generation and loss in the human body, mechanisms of control and extreme heat and cold responses.

ook at in this essay is to "discuss the principal ways in which heat is gained by and lost from the body, and explain the various mechanisms involved in regulation of body temperature. Briefly indicat ... involved in regulation of body temperature. Briefly indicate how excessive cold and heat affect the body".The body gains and loses heat through the external environment by radiation, conduction, conve ...

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A discussion on the principle ways in which heat is gained and lost by the body, explaining the various mechanisms involved in the regulation of body temperature

Since evolution began Man has spread to all areas of the globe, his ability to regulate his body temperature independently of his external surroundings contributes significantly to this succes ... assignment will discuss the methods by which heat is exchanged, the effect of this exchange on the body and how it is utilised in thermoregulatory mechanisms. The importance of these regulatory measu ...

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What does Caffeine do to your body?

What does Caffeine do to your body?Do you enjoy an occasional espresso with the after dinner mints? The coffee peps you up, lures ... giving you the feeling of alertness and increased energy. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, protects against seizures, slows down the motility of the digestive tract and gene ... rotects against seizures, slows down the motility of the digestive tract and generally balances the body's reaction to stress. Caffeine has a molecular structure that is so similar to adenosine, that ...

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A written account of Laboratory work: Body Temperature.

Body Temperature represents the balance of heat produced and heat lost. In order for optimum functio ... and the normal physiology of temperature control will be analytically discussed.PHYSIOLOGYThe human body is homoethermic, having the ability to constantly maintain a core temperature of approximately ... urface and in contrast can fluctuate between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius according to environment the body is exposed to.Regulation of body temperature is maintained by homeostasis, working on a feedbac ...

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Book Report "The Dolphin, Cousin to Man" By: Robert Stenuit 167 pages

ammals, not fish. Mammals, unlike fish, feed their young with milk that is produced in the mother's body. Also unlike the fish, dolphins have lungs and are warm blooded, that is, their body temperatur ...

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Effects of Alchoholism

SKINAlcohol dilates (enlarges) the blood vessels, producing a warm flush and decreases the body temperature. This is why it is pointless to take alcohol to keep warm in cold weather. If it is ... his is why it is pointless to take alcohol to keep warm in cold weather. If it is vital to conserve body heat, it could be dangerous, if not life threatening, to drink alcohol.NERVOUS SYSTEMThe drinki ...

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The effect of size and shape of a warm blooded animal on how quickly it losses heat.

temperatureirrespective of their environment. Cold-blooded animals on the other handmaintain their body temperature by behavioural means. An example is acold-blooded creature going out to bask in the ... ronment.The advantage of warm-blooded animals is that all these internal processesthat maintain the body temperature require a lot of energy. This energy isobtained from food. Warm-blooded animals eat ...

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The Nervous System, Five parts of the brain

ed in emotions and drives vital to survival.        It functions as a regulator of body temperature (ie. triggering sweating, shivering, etc) it is involved with drives necessary for ... rry out necessary life functions as eating and drinking, also they would probably freeze, since the body wouldn't be able to regulate temperature.3. Amygdala-        It functions ...

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Ecstasy - Its uses, effects, and growing popularity

their lifetimes, one of those drugs being Ecstasy. Now, due to the effect that the drug has on the body, it seems as if Ecstasy and dance clubs go hand in hand. Like any other drug, ecstasy is ... The use of Ecstasy at raves/dance clubs is the greatest cause of death because Ecstasy affects the body temperature control and dancing for long periods of time in a hot atmosphere increases the risk ...

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within an organism, allowing it to live. It includes all physical and chemical processes within the body such as digestion, food absorption, waste elimination, respiration, circulation, and temperatur ... n, circulation, and temperature control. In simple terms, your metabolism is the rate at which your body operates to carry out all its bodily functions, like the production of heat, RNA, hair, bones, ...

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Compare responses of named Australian ectothermic and endothermic organisms to changes in the ambient temperature and explain how these responses assist in temperature regulation

- ECTOTHERMS are organisms that have a limited ability to control their body temperature. Their cellular activities generate little heat. Their body temperatures rise and f ... s are birds and mammals- EXTENSION (Not really needed but anyway...)Poikilotherms are animals whose body temperatures are always changing. True poikilotherms have temperatures that are the same as the ... r temperatures using behaviour to maintain a stable temperature.Homeotherms are animals with stable body temperatures. Most endotherms are also homeotherms.The poikilotherm/homeotherm classification s ...

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