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f 1s22s23s23p64s23d104p65s24d105p64f145d106s26p1. It has 6 electron shells. It melts at 576.7 K and boils at 1730 K. It is a solid when at room temperature. Thallium was discovered in 1861 by a ...

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The Problem of Evil

So, if God can make whatever he wants then why did he not make all people and things good? This all boils down too the fact that evil does exist and with evil existing there could not be an all-good, ...

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Magnesium, a description of the element

lightweight. The atomic number for magnesium is 12 and weights 24.312. Magnesium melts at 650K and boils at 1107K.Joseph Black was the first to discover magnesium in 1755 in Scotland. Sir Humphrey Da ...

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Fractional Distillation and Gas Chromatography

ing separated boil below 150 0C at 1 atmosphere from nonvolatile impurities and another liquid that boils at least 25 0C higher than the first. A solution is heated to its boiling point. The vapor of ... from each other at 1 atmosphere. Each component is called a fraction. As the mixture is heated, it boils, and the vapor that comes off this liquid is richer in the lower boiling component. The compos ...

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solves in nitric or concentrated sulfuric acid but is resistant to alkalies. Mercury melts at -39C, boils at about 357C,and has a gravity of 13.5. The atomic weight of mercury is 200.59. Mercury comes ...

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Lead and environment

The atomic numberfor lead is 82 and the atomic mass is 207.19 AMU. It melts at about 327.502 oC and boils at1740 oC. Lead is a heavy, ductile, soft, gray solid. It is soluble in nitric acid and insolu ...

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The "Baseball Salary Cap" and why we should have one.

ld this be the end of baseball? Why would there even be a strike? With all the long debates, it all boils down to the money. Everyone wonders why there's not a salary cap on baseball, but the other bi ...

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Existentialism, and how it is used in "The Stranger" by Beowulf and Grindel.

eans many different things to different people. From what I've learned about existentialism, it all boils down to the choices we make in life. And the question " do our choices matter in the end?"Acco ...

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A Morning in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

st for the hungry family.At ten minutes to seven she manipulates chunks of bread and slices of ham, boils eggs and cooks the milk. The steam adds to the clamminess of the kitchen for it already has an ...

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Grimm Brothers "The Master-Thief", analysis.

and a hidden cognizance of human perception that not always does good outdo evil."The Master-Thief" boils down to a story of tests. A peasant farmer meets a well-off gentleman and soon discovers the g ...

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This essay is about the element Plutonium. It describes the history, the uses-past and future, all isotopes of this material, apperance, electron configuration, and the half life.

, 234, 235, 236, 237, 237a, 238, 238a, 239, 240, 240a, 241, 241a, 242, 243, 244, 245a, 246, 247. It boils at 3505 degrees Kelvin and it has a specific heat of J/gK .13. The atomic radius is A- and the ... s. In a nuclear power plant, the plutonium produces heat because of its radioactivity which in turn boils water, that then moves turbines that produce electricity. The amount of heat produced is regul ...

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The importance of water

o 1hydrogen atoms and one 16oxygen atom (H20) and that is in a liquid state at room temperature. It boils at 100ºC and melts at 0ºC. Water is probably the fundamental reason for sustenance o ...

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Chemical Properties of the element Barium

or alcohol. The density Barium is 3.51 g/cm3 when at 293K and it has a melting point at 998.2 K and boils at 2123 K.Barium was discovered and recognized as an element by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808 when ...

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xture of the l and d isomers. The l isomer affects the body, and the d isomer affects the brain. It boils at 200ºC and is soluble in alcohol and ether, slightly soluble in water. It was first cre ...

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History of Roman Government

ange has been made with a civil war.There have also been many civil wars between rulers. But it all boilsdown to wanting to be involved in government.When the Greeks finally entered Troy after ten lon ...

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Comparison and Contrast: Species Endangerment

nited States--we can conclude that these are two completely different environments, but when it all boils down, and we begin to look at three main ideas: the lost of habitat in Hawaii (For example: de ...

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Brutus Was The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar

lf could be the hero, Cassius could be considered the hero, Calpurnia could be the hero...etc. This boils down to the main question; who was the hero of Julius Caesar? Almost every character has it's ...

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THE BUBONIC PLAGUE - End of the World?

an apple in the armpits and groin. The swellings oozed blood and pus and were followed by spreading boils and black blotches on the skin from internal bleeding. The sick suffered severe pain and died ...

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"Left vs. Right" Compare and Contrast

oth sides need to be taken into account. The left or the right may suite any one person, but it all boils down to our personal morals and convictions.Healthcare is supported by both sides. However, Co ...

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An essay on Smallpox.

zes the disease. After about a week the rash resembles pustular pimples (pus-filled) that resembles boils. (Christopher King 97-04)There are 3 main ways of getting smallpox:1) Prolonged face to face c ...

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