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Petrarch and the Renaissance

vignon. His father wanted him trained as a lawyer and he did begin that training in Montpellier and Bologna. Upon the death of his father in 1326 however, Petrarch left his law studies and returned to ...

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Francesco Petrarch's Life

ople who exiled Dante not too long before they were exiled. In 1320 Francesco began to study law in Bologna. His father wanted him to be in law, but Francesco despised lawyers because he didn't like t ...

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Satiric targets which are attacked in the novel 'Catch 22'

rly how during war time people are desensitised to death. "And if you're destined to be killed over Bologna, then you're going to be killed so you might as well go out and die like a man." Additionall ... ing their intelligence and their inability to do their job, how the officers believed they captured Bologna only because Yossarian moved the bomb line at night whilst they were asleep. This causing al ...

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Canon Law

h there was some debate as to what precisely made a marriage. One view held by the school of law of Bologna, for instance, maintained that the element which made the marriage was consummation. On the ...

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"Me, My Weight, and My Insecurity"- Obesity: How I became obese and the foreshadows of my eating problems as a child

Kadima, a Jewish private school located in the valley. The kids used to call me names like big fat bologna. I was never really bothered by the name-calling, nor was I ever respondent to it. But I do ...

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St. Thomas A Becket

ft and Theobald recognized his potential, providing for him to go and study civil and cannon law at Bologna and Auxerre. Thomas was later ordained deacon by the Archbishop in 1154, after which he best ...

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The Gay Nineties

e that it is a characteristic that is passed down through genes, like being short, or tall. That is BOLOGNA, in all caps underlined and italicized. The Politicians and the homosexuals are trying to, a ...

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Design Teaching in Portugal

The Bologna Process was officially launched with the Declaration of Bolonha1 in June 1999. The Bologna P ... ing of design was largely influenced by the paradigm shift resulting from the implementation of the Bologna model.Pedagogy concerns emerging post Bologna, present themselves as new opportunities for r ... adjustments to a model that is both dynamic and evolutionary.2 The analysis of the paradigm of post Bologna in comparison with what were the structures of the courses before, leads us to note that muc ...

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Nelsius Case

RIASSUNTO LIBROC.M. Cipolla, Storia economica dell'Eutropa pre-industriale, Bologna, Il Mulino.CAPITOLO PRIMO La rivoluzione urbanaOrigini e caratteri delle città dell'E ...

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